featured, TECHNOLOGY — August 23, 2012 at 2:50 pm

13% Pakistani’s Use Facebook


According to a Gilani Research Foundation Survey carried out by Gallup Pakistan, 13% of Pakistanis claim to use social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

A nationally representative sample of men and women from across the four provinces was asked “Do you use social network websites like Facebook and twitter etc. on Internet or not?” Responding to this, 13% claim that they use social media websites like Facebook and Twitter whereas 85% claim that they do no use social media sites. However, 2% did not give a view.

  • khola

    That is a very small number of people.

  • Saleem Arien

    Hi .The face book users all over the world are increasing but decreasing in Pakistan .

  • Rafiya

    Twitter bahut fazool hai mujh ko fb bahut achi lagti hai sab friends say pix exchange kerti hoon mein