LEAKS — August 24, 2012 at 4:43 pm

Post-Eid ed… Aag Leaks


By Aag Leaks

1. Syed Bilal ( Senior Creative manager ) is DONE .He is on his last legs . He is TAKEN ! Bliss and bells next month . Dependence begins after the month of Independence . September is confirmed ! Clapping .


2. Abid Iqbal aka Sweetie has bid his adieus .Finally , full and final. His contribution to the music industry better be forgotten than remembered  for obvious reasons . Good Bye Sweetie !


3. Sohail Siddqui  ( Animation something) is MIA from the Aag floor for a week hence no Gutka , Paan Parag and other edible varieties of tobacco can be smelt in the creative department . Sohail will return on Monday and leaks will bring some air freshener to combat !


4. Azhar Mirza (GM communication)  is in a secret meeting with Bilal ( Creative manager) talking not so secretly . His voice and Communication can be heard from inside the booth.Hussh up Mirza !


5. Producer Asad Pathan is raving on all about his new I phone 4 and technology these days. Glad he got the gadgets he could play with and not objects ! If you know what Leaks mean?