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E ‘Eid Cards


From Web Desk

The traditional Eid cards .Buying them from shelves, writing messages with ink pens ,sealing in colored envelopes and  posting to loved ones,family,friends. All of this sounds like a practice from a bygone era. The modern age of computers has killed it all. E cards have become the “in thing” and all of it for free, literally speaking. Just a few clicks to an e greetings website and your wishes are transmitted in micro seconds thousands of miles away to the recipient. At an average  more than a billion cards were sent via internet on computer this year thereby proving their popularity and also confirming the growing number of people in the cyber space. One for sure misses the post man knock on the door and saying “aap ke leaye Eid card aya hai” Instead of waiting for the postman now people check their mails, notifications and alerts on their computers .This world is changing fast. Paper made Eid Cards are almost extinct !The new age computers and internet revolution has changed it all !Now is this change for the better or worse only time will tell! Let’s wait and see!

  • Rafaya

    Hai hai post man ka kya ho ga ab tu internet ka zamana hai

  • Sulema

    Yes this is true that internet has killed the traditional eid cards we loved so much but some people still make them and send them.This will never die .A card sealed in an envelope with love cannot be replaced by a picture on the computer.
    Sulema from S Arabia

  • Major(r) Shafiq

    The romance of the traditional eid cards is still there for many of us and it would never fade away. I send enveloped cards to my friends and family every year . This year i sent my wished via eid cards to almost every continent of the world