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Pakistani scientist makes break-through!

Scientists have discovered how LED lighting can be printed onto paper using nanotechnology, making futuristic novelties such as glowing wallpaper and luminescent curtains possible, Sweden’s Linköping University says. Dr. Gul Amin and his research assistant Naved ul Hassan Alvi made made the breakthrough, which has a patent pending. The university announced the research late last month, which happened to be Amin’s doctoral thesis. […]

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RR Raja Rental*Not Rock N Roll

By Ali Tim The new synonyms for corruption  are most likely to be words such as Politicians , Pakistan ,Prime minister , President .I shudder to think this would  happen but I live with  the fear that it will!Such is the  state of affairs. Surfing through  the web images  today as I keyed in the word *Rental , it popped […]

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