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Unwanted In Ramadan


Maya Khan

Hot on the heels of her  fabricated drama of busting dating couples in public places, the  forever weeping Aunty Maya Khan is  a HUGE case of  a misfit ( miss*fit) for hosting Ramadan transmission  on a local tv channel . The woman after hurling nothing but insults galore  onto herself should have ,frankly speaking , exited the media world silently .But she perhaps wanted to squeeze even the last drops of nectar from  the “media lemon” and carried on until  a large majority of telly viewers and civil society  opposed and collectively signed a  petition to make her apologize publically for acting like a Mohallah Ka Tahinedaar.She was FIRED!

Of late, Maya’s corns, lies and wishy washy stories  on her morning show has appalled the viewers  to a great extent resulting in an obvious decline of the ratings of the channel( to the point of extinction ).That was inevitable!

The next bazooka wet cracker  for the tv channel is its special   Ramadan Transmission , washed away  by Maya the great,to an extent where people have stopped watching tv  and asking Cable operators for their money back. Most are of the view that Maya may be a good comedian but Ramadan Transmission  is not like a  park   where she can take a stroll  or a stage to exhibit  her perfect ability to replicate the comedy of errors.It is serious and ethical work!


Maya Khan is unwanted woman no 1 for Ramadan transmission.

Maria B

This will be brief and to the point,just like a  cold  steel magnum on the temple with a finger on the trigger. A pun fun micro blogger said it all in his Face Book status update.

“Watching  fashion designer Maria*B on a religious program on Tv is similar to trying to say your Friday prayers inside a Discotheque a midst Dancing people.”

Thank God for no more of such Ramadan Tohafas  dear Tv Channels . No more  Maria B please  and try not to invite model Nadia Hussain also. Lets these women stick to selling their lawn prints on billboards .

Maria B is unwanted woman no 2 for Ramadan Transmission



Veena Malick

Much has been said ,and nothing has been done , about Dikha Day Sab Kuch and Veena Malick

“TV is for the awaam. If the awaam does not want to see Veena Malik on this Ramadan show, then we will cancel it,” said a member of the production team of a Heroic  tv channel , adding that they respect the wishes of the populace.

Well, just to let Veena know that this awam doesn’t certainly don’t want to hear your “Ashmet stories” in Ramadan ,even after ,before or during it . Steer clear off and well you have by force,  but by  all accounts.  thereby proving yourself  to be a better person/non host  than Maya Khan


Veena Malik is unwanted woman no 3 for Ramadan transmission.


Shahid Masood

This would be  a case of  complete gender discrimination against a male anchor to be inducted in the list of “The most unwanted women on tv in Ramadan” . But then after checking out Doctor Saheb’s performance in Ramadan transmission , we thought it would be apt  to put him in the women’s list. Also when a political analyst, turned MD turned (back) turned (coat) could  switch so many loyalties why can’t he be showcased here with some women of no substance . It is most likely that Doctor Sb has been hired by the tv channel in question  for treating people at Ramadan Transmission who are falling ill after eating stale Pakoray ,samosay and other pre historic , dated , week old items served at the Iftar . Rumors have it  that rotten food and E coli is being served  at the said telly show and doc knows just the right meds to kill the Coli yet however   to host a transmission is just not his cuppa tea  .Flat out!

Ary’rrry  logoon , ratings nahi la sakte tu kam us kam Iftari tu achi lay aao .

  • Sadia

    Bahur ziada cheap aurat haio Maya khan . Kis terha se ghareeb loogon ka mazaq udati hai apne program, mein . iss ko ban kera chaye hai

  • Wamiq

    I was at the Ifatar andat the show and i made the mistake of eating their iftar . I was sick from 3rd to 6 th Ramzan . I had sever vomiting after eating Pakoras and two sppoons of dont know what it was . Very bad

  • Foggy

    True that ,.Veena Malick has more respect for not doing the Ramadan show then Maya khan doing it

  • Ghurfarn Shah

    lolssssssssssssssssssssssss funny You put Shahid Masood in the women’s list

  • Rehan Ajmal

    Hi and Salams . I have heard that many people fell sick on the set after having iftar at the ARY show. Some were given drips and and sent home . is that right ? please tell me

  • Haroon Zia

    Is Maria B hosting a Ramzan show . No She is busy selling lawn for eid . You are right btw , what business do people like Maria B and Nadia Hussain have in religious telly shows . Have you ever seen their photoshoots? and then we blame Veena Mallick

  • Tahira

    The best Ramzan Transmission is on Geo tv . Dr Amir Liiaqat is liked . We in Lahore get together every iftaar at a friends place and watch his show .It is very good and informative also

  • Farhat

    Salams , main bahut shooq seay Geo pay Amir Liaqat ka show dekhti hoon -Sab say acha show hai

  • Alamdar Khan

    Hi . without bias here. I have also heard stories about ARY serrving stale and rotten food at Iftari ? Is that right ? Why would a channel that is so big ever do that ? But i agree with the blog .Dr Shahid Masood and Maya khan are wrong choices for the anchor . They should have taken someone more religious , knowledgeable and courteous than May Khan for the show . Alamdar Khan

  • Raheem

    tch tch tch …Is that right? .I have also heard from many people that people were taken to hospital after eating ifatri at the set . Why don’t they get fresh food for people who come to show. This is not good

  • Common Man

    Dr. Amir Liaqat is the “MOST UNWANTED MAN” on TV this ramadan

  • Faizan

    what about the great DR.AAMIR LIAQUAT HUSSAIN……this ranking seems biased :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/abk.jamshaid Abubakar Jamshaid

    hahaha clearly a biased article , But reality is Mr Fake Amir liaqut deserves to be at the top of this list or may be 2nd after veena malik

  • Samiuddin

    Abubakar Kamshaid As if Dr Shahid Masood is some religious scholar . He has changed too many jobs and he is a political analyst ,,,he has no credibility as the anchor for Ramadan programs . Infact no edibility as political show anchor also

  • rahim


  • Sadiq

    Hann waise theek tua kaha hai .Dr shahid masood tu politics kay shows kartay hain

  • Ghufran

    To each their own .We personally like Amir Liaqat’s show more

  • Saleem Aarien


  • Rehana Khan

    Aik tu iss quam ko chain nahi .Veena Malick ka show tu nahi chala aur ya maria b kon hai > kahan say ya loog atay hain

  • Rida Funky

    Abubakar sb – how can you say thisis biased .Isn’t it a fact that Amir Liaqat has been conducting ramadan shows for a long time and all the others are just new enteries , we like Dr Amir Liqats Pechan Ramzan .

  • hunny

    veena tu buhat bari darame baz hai mashallah sub ka hi ehsas karti hai chahe wo irum ho saba veena g itni tention na le apni hi fake calls ki hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • http://www.facebook.com/ayeshakhanster Ayesha Khan

    interesting list……but a few more names can be added without much hesitation such as Aamir Liaquat, The Sharif brothers and last but not least SahirLodhi and Shaista Wahidi………