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Hearty Stuff


By Ali Tim

So i thought i will have this Heart 2 Heart with you today 29th Sep 2012. It is World Heart Day and what better occasion to to pour my heart out?Living in Pakistan we do not realize the amount of  carbon mono oxide we inhale every day . Yes the air is polluted.But have  we grown any greens to counter the effects of toxic gases? None as far as the metropolitan cities are concerned .Word advice , grow plants and trees .Walk in parks and breath fresh air . It will help your heart   stay younger, Then we must also take a gauge of what is our calorie intake every day? How much fats are we consuming. Not surprisingly ,most people become patients of cardiac diseases even before they hit 40s.It is due to excessive consumption of greasy food,red meat and fats.Cation 911, slow down , cut off and pop a blood thinning pill few time a week after you cross  30. Death stick also known as cigarettes  are not to be puffed in. At an average any smoker who puffs 20 sticks a day is more prone to heart attacks and strokes   than a non smoker  at the age of 25! Scared enough ? Stressed? Yes that could exaggerate any ongoing cardiac problem by manifolds. Drinking? You are done! Never hit the bottle if you want to have a flutter free heart . Will not stress you more here, Go eat a Vegemite sandwich .Have fun with your life  and take care *Sweet *Hearts ,