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Respect Pakistan, Respect yourselves.


47 years have passed since the second Indo-Pak war took place. This day is celebrated in the memory of the Pakistani soldiers who were martyred while successfully defending Lahore, Sialkot and other key cities from the Indian attack.

Army officers like Captain Sarwar Shaheed, Major Tufail Shaheed, Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed, Major Shabbor Sharif Shaheed, Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed, Sawar Muhammad Hussain Shaheed, Lance Naik Muhammad Mehfooz Shaheed,and Havaldar Lalak Jan Shaheed gave sacrifices of their life for Pakistan and were awarded with “Nishan-e-Haider” for their acts of exceptional bravery. Nishan-e-Haider is a highest military award given to brave martyres of Pakistan army those who left remarkable examples of bravery and sacrifice for nation and country.

These soldiers died for this country and sacrificed everything to keep this country safe. If we cant pay homage to them at least we can return them a favor by taking care of our country, by being a responsible citizen and a good Samaritan. We can not throw stuff on the streets or help someone cross the road or just simply smile to somebody because these small things matter and proves what kind of person you are.

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