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Seal It with a Kiss Veena


By Ali Tim

Lollywood’s  saucy ,raunchy and oomph laden actress Veena Malik , an occupational Drama Queen  is  steaming ,jet set go ,all ready for  her teaser of on screen  Drama Queen to confirm her real life credentials.

. Drama Queen  will showcase  a new avatar of Veena that will have your pulse racing and temperature rising . Yes , such is extent of its PG rating. For serious sad eyes it will be something to look forward to but for thinking minds it will be stuff to move backward from .

Drama Queen as the name suggest is nothing but a drama featuring the Skin of the actress in the major cast  Veena has first time offered Lip scenes in her album that is very fiery . What else could one expect out of her anyway?Veena in her past has bared it all .What was left will be exposed with Drama Queen.

Wait and watch , if you will .

  • Qudsia

    She is seriously cheap

  • Rahim Khan

    Veena is doing another drama and what else can be expected out of her !

  • Rahim Khan

    Ahahaha Joe na karay Veena tau woh bhi kam hai !

  • Shamil

    Hello . one or 2 eps of Veena were not enough . This country has other issues

  • Hamid Shah

    PG Rating of Drama Queen ?

  • Karim

    She is hott . I like her very very much .

  • Black Hawk

    hi mujh ko aik sawal poochna hai yeh drma queen ka clip kahan milay ga youtube tu chah he nahi raha hai pk mein …..

  • Sumaira Mughal

    Sure we will wait and watch .Why not

  • Hazadar

    Ye sab islam ke khilaf hai . Iss terha ki her cheez najaiz hai .veena malick ko tamama muslim mulkoon mein ban ker daina chahey hai !

  • Sarmad

    Hi . Living in amsterdam i have not seen such massive uproar about any women in Pakistan then Veena Malkik . Such obscenities are common .Veena should try and move to Amsterdam !