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US history with the Talibans

By Farhan Imaan F.ABro The bad image of Islam is being portrayed by Taliban, specially if you have witnessed several videos in which they are holding Quran in one hand and in the other AK47, Chanting Allah O Akber ( GOD Is Great ) , Even Hollywood used Taliban in many Block Buster Movies, all thou almost half of the American […]

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Aayan “Loves The President”

By Sonya Anjum Saba Many of you might have watched the show on Geo Tv called “Geo Shaan Se”. No wonder its an amazing effort by Shaan. And a show like this has depicted how he can work in multiple dimensions, other than Punjabi movies. However my entire say is about a recent  guest on his show; Aayan “A Pakistani […]

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Bumpkin has landed !

By Ali Tim Meet Mr Bumpkin. Bumpkin is a Graffiti artist from Islamabad .He is young , fresh and in his world Yo Cool. The last one goes without a saying! Bumpkin like any other doodler started to sketch on paper.He finally found peace  and color in what he was creating in 2008.Soon his entire hood found that out too […]

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Ads…Ads…Ads…KILL ME, ADS !

By Aisha Waris So, I walk into my living room after a long loooonnnng tiring day. Glad to see no one around and TV remote sitting alone on a table, I whoop in the air and grab it…AAHAAAA! No more political catfights, it’s time for some entertainment…YEEHAWWW! As I make myself comfy, remote still locked in my hands, I make […]

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The Wannabe fad”

By Sana Khan ” While studying the major issues of Pakistan, I thought of one of the biggest problems our country faces. “The Wannabe Issue”. We  have a lot of wannabes  in our country.Call it human nature or the wanna be virus,  almost all of us have a desire to be someone but unfortunately we turn out to be no one! Perhaps […]

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Mehar Din Pakistani

By Ali Tim Chacha Pakistani, the hero who lived to make Pakistan proud is gone! The man who, under all hazards, used to reach  Wagah Border for the flag hosting ceremonies, breath his last at the age of 90 on Sunday Oct 21 2012 With an alias used more for the love of his nation, Chaha’s real name was Mehar […]

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Malala Getting Better

First official picture of Malala Yousafzai released from the hospital in UK . Malala Yousafzai has been able to stand up with help for the first time and communicate freely with medical staff through handwriting . Keep praying for her speedy recovery!

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Moving The Masses , 2012 .

By  Farhan Imaan F.Abro I know for many of the reader it would be strange, specially written by me but I think It is time to aware and get to know what it exactly is. first let me highlight some Geographical facts which are not by me but the scientists Earth’s Circumference at the Equator: 24,901.55 miles (40,075.16 km) Earth’s Circumference […]

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Concept Fujitsu lifebook

By Aisha Asif  Wouldn’t it be nice to just have one place to store your digital camera, laptop and smartphone? Well your prayers have been answered! The new Fujitsu Lifebook (also called Lifebook 2013) is a laptop that comes with, and stores your smartphone, tablet and digital camera all in one laptop. The idea is to provide consumers with an […]

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Big B & Bebo together after 8 years

By Aisha Asif aik hogaye hum Having stayed away from sharing screen space due to bitterness between the families, the actors will finally come together in Prakash Jha’s next film Prakash Jha has pulled off quite a casting coupe for his next film Satyagrah that starts rolling in Bhopal this December. The filmmaker has brought together Amitabh Bachchan and Kareena […]

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