LEAKS — October 5, 2012 at 4:56 pm

Aag Leaks – October 2012


  1. Sattar Bhai  and Shakeel are pulling off RED HOONT jokes of the latest variety with Sajjad Haider(Red Team) on Aag Tv floor .Expressing  an outward glee only, Sajjad for sure doesn’t fancy it internally. Hypocrite Hot!
  2. Raees and Raheel ( Producers) are together forever. Seen together forever, to be more precise. It is just that they have managed to keep their toilet timings different or else ……. Hmmmm
  3. Ali Tim (Interactive department) was recently spotted with Bill Gates at Aag Tv’s floor. Bill was seen repairing Ali’s PC and installed a new RAM as a sign of *goodwill*.
  4. Shakeel (Office Boy) – First fall after marriage. Dear Shakeel did you not know that Marriage is a bumpy road. Get up boy and back to serving tea again. Shabaash Baccha!
  5. Sattar Bhai ( Cameraman ) has got his own trumpet and he is often seen blowing it on the floor .Yesterday he blew it hard for PK Vs Australia cricket match . Leaks found out it was a mere bus horn and not a trumpet. Oopsy doopsy !

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  • Ashfaq


  • Dozens ASlive

    Funny ,,,my sumpathies with Shakeel on his marriage

  • Arain

    lols . funny leak about Bill Gates . Super Likes !