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Aayan “Loves The President”


By Sonya Anjum Saba

Many of you might have watched the show on Geo Tv called “Geo Shaan Se”. No wonder its an amazing effort by Shaan. And a show like this has depicted how he can work in multiple dimensions, other than Punjabi movies.

However my entire say is about a recent  guest on his show; Aayan “A Pakistani Model”. Shaan has a rapid fire round on his show usually and he had it with Aayan too, where he asked her to speak about our President spontaneously. And the lady replied; “With due respect he is our President, and we all love him”

Now that really gave me a laugh of the day. I don’t believe why we are such an apple polishing nation. We all curse govt for the crisis situation in Pakistan. But when we are on tv or somewhere, we want to deny. Or may be some people from the fashion industry don’t want to cause any offence so that their businesses can go on uninterruptedly. This is some what hypocritically sick.

I personally believe if you don’t have guts to speak for the nation, its better not to make a statement on their behalf. Because Pakistani people certainly don’t love any politician as yet…!!!

  • Sumaya

    Ayan is diplomatic

  • Rahid

    I watch Geo Shan say but who is Ayan ?

  • Saqib Khan

    Aayan is politically correct. We all must respect our president. He is the husbad of Benezir Shaeed besides being the President of Pakistan.

    • Muhammad Tilal

      Benazir is dead now so please let go of her and don’t be a jiyala saying “Zinda hai bibi zinda hai”. This is no criteria to respect anyone! Wake up :)

    • Kazim

      Benazie was obligated to respect him, because he was her husband. But what responsibilities he fulfilled for the country that you expect public to respect him? And being benazir’s husband is not a ticket for respect and honor. If you want it, earn it.

  • Lady Bird


  • Haroon Shah Jogaezai

    Dear Sonya Anjum Saba .It is certainly not the case of apple polishing or show polishing. It is an an example of how one individual feels about respecting her head of the state. Nothing at all, hypocritical about it .

    • Kamran Ali Khan

      I think the point writer is trying to make here is that no one can make a statement on behalf of an entire nation, if she or you love the president then plz keep it personal :) because public stance is totally different.

    • Sonya Anjum Saba

      If an individual likes or respects someone it should be a personal statement owned by that person, he/she has no right to make a statement based on her personal views named as a public opinion.

    • Muhammad Tilal

      You point is correct but only applies where an individual is expressing his/her personal like or dislike not when someone tries to speak on public behalf.

  • Daniyal

    Agar ayan nay zardari ki izzat ki hai tugh is ka matlab hai kay woh kisibhi ki izzat nahi kerti hai .

  • Farhan Naqvi

    She is hot!

    • Rumi

      No she’s not, you seriously need to improve your standards

  • Khalid Shoeb

    I personally do not agree here , if the model said this “With due respect he is our President, and we all love him” then she is wrong. We all cannot love one person she likes or thinks should be respected.

  • A Face in the Crowd

    I agree, this is totally a diplomatic statement by Aayan, may be because these models get all there money from these politicians

  • Mahnoor

    I agree, all the show biz people they have a lobby here, and mostly backed by politicians

  • Hamid

    Epic! agree with u, we need them to get exposed, if she would have made such a statement on public behalf in the US, she would have been either executed by court or criticized by media up till now

  • Ayesha kh

    lol Pakistani media people are cheap

  • Jay Rio

    Thats true, Pakistani politicians have done nothing for the people for which they love them. In fact common man hates and cruse them to death. This statement made by Aayan is insane

  • Misbah

    I saw that show too, and her statement literally made me feel sick of our celebs

  • MH

    Aayan is a wanna be blonddie and she proved to be equally dumb

  • Sarah

    Well said Sonya, being a ,model does not give u a lisence to just say anything. And then putting it on public. Paki celebs are too much :/

  • S. Malik

    thanks for sharing this article, at least we get to know more about hypocrisy of show biz in Pakistan

  • Zee

    I hate her more than sahir lodhi, seriously man she is all plastic and fake from the outside as well as the inside.

  • Rumi

    @Writer, nice article. I just want to add that there are so many others doing the same in the name of liberty and soft image of Pakistan. Sometimes I wonder if they are even Muslims or Pakistani at all. Nice share I must say.

  • Silver Lining

    I totally agree to:

    ” We all curse govt for the crisis situation in Pakistan. But when we are on tv or somewhere, we want to deny. ”

    we curse America, but are dying to there, we curse Politicians, but worship them for our personal interests, we talk about Islam but never care ti practice it. I agree we are an “apple polishing” hypocrite nation

  • Rabia

    I like Geo Shaan Se. But ever since I have saw ayan on tv or mags etc, I never liked and after this show, I even hate her more.

  • RabiQue

    A Typical Model
    Hooked & Crooked

  • Amy

    Once again, nice article Sonya :)

  • Sher khan