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Ads…Ads…Ads…KILL ME, ADS !


By Aisha Waris

So, I walk into my living room after a long loooonnnng tiring day. Glad to see no one around and TV remote sitting alone on a table, I whoop in the air and grab it…AAHAAAA! No more political catfights, it’s time for some entertainment...YEEHAWWW!
As I make myself comfy, remote still locked in my hands, I make my very first attempt to click the button. It goes something like,
*bees saal wala mere liye kyun nahi? KYUN NAHIIIIIIII!*
*baal lambay ya khullay, per khullay rakhainge tou sham tak baal chirya ka ghonsla*
*issay khana hai ya peena hai?*
A guy grabbing the other mad guy, banging him out of the plane (an act of terrorism, I must say) *ITNA THANDA KERTA HAI*
*hair fall ka chakkar*
*main ne kaha tha, main ne kaha tha*
*Kyunke sabar ka phal meetha hota hai*

And with that my temper shoots up. That last ad worked as a taunt on me and my situation. I have been sitting here for half an hour watching nothing but ads and that too of the parosi mulk. Where did our highly paid celebs go? Do we really have to show their ads? Are we so obsessed that our advertising agencies don’t make an effort and bring in the Indian stuff for extremely obsessed Pakistani awaam?? Is that so???
And please, there is no such thing as use a shampoo and your hair will become like Shilpa, Katrina and Bipasha. Your teeth will never become like king kong ahem, slip of fingers, I mean king khan. We already have our fake version of SK. No matter how much I loathe him, I’d still want that guy to do advertisements (atleast we’ll have something to laugh about, no?) rather than Indian media jumping around on my TV screen. Sometime I doubt it that maybe, by chance, I moved to India and I don’t remember it anymore. All I can remember is my life in Pakistan. Well that’s overly dramatic thought. Anyways moving to the point….we don’t have to look and feel like them. Our celebs are the best and all-rounder; why not get them as brand ambassadors?
If you disagree with me then here’s the list:
Humayoun Saeed: Actor, model, dancer, own clothing line.
Adnan Siddiqui: bingo, stylist but extract the dancer. And has his own salon.
Meera ji: Actor, model, dancer and has her own brand in clothing now.
Aijaz Aslam: Actor, model, own clothing line.
Aamir Liaquat: *cough* Actor *cough*, sings well, own clothing line.
Shahid Afridi: cricketer, model, acts well, own clothing line.

Here I might be sarcastic but look at the bright side, because of them lots of people got employed. AINT THAT GREAT??? HIGH FIVE!
But the question is why we have to portray a media which isn’t even near our culture. WHY???
Coming to the request part and I am sure it might do some good to the people, please stop showing the toilet cleaner ad…please…i beg you…please,…pretty please..with cherry on top…
Whenever you sit down to have your meal, that ad just pops up on the tv screen, exactly at that time and I am not exaggerating. And worse part is the remote control goes missing somewhere. Nobody likes Faisal Qureshi coming up with the most disgusting question, the latest one we all are aware of and ending the ad with showing images of toilet being cleaned while we are busy chomping down food with our eyes looking anywhere else but the screen. Remote still lost. I would like to send a message to the owners of this and the other brands, please, no need to make us a rattoo tota we all know the name of the product by heart and we know by what procedures and techniques it cleans your toilet. Just stop showing it.
Breathe deep stay cool….
Click, Click, Click,
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  • Haroon Shah

    Heheh- its funny !:)

  • Black Hawk

    Dr Amir is a Scholar and that he has his clothing business is his own life. He shouldn’t have been included in this list .The rest of it has enough weight and pun!

  • Rumaisa

    Totally in agreement with the artists ,state of advertising on tv .Some stoop to the level of toilets to clean it . well said Aisha .

  • Haroon Shah

    Lol . jahan pay sab kuch bilkta hai wahan pay aik tv mazloom ko kyoun ilzam saein ..pooray ka poora system he bik chuka hai .!

  • Aneet

    This is serious. Watching local tv channels is like watching Star Plus .Same dramas same ads .Over the years the standard of ads made in india has certainly reached the next level and we are lagging far behind!This is still noteworthy that despite all its week production values the number of advertisers is increasing and not decreasing on the Pakistani media .

  • Tabassum

    lols .zahar lagta hai mujh ko woh Faisal Qureshi wala bathroom ka ad.
    wig lagata hai na Faisal qureshi ?

  • Kamran

    Humayoun Saeed ki konsi clothing line hai .Adnan Sidiqqi is the most decent artist in the entire industry

  • http://www.facebook.com/insaf.shaheen Atta Ur Rahman

    Yea …. Really “Obsessd”

  • Fatima

    There are some channels in Pakistan that have no advertisments but they have manjan and choran kay tickers running on them

  • Ban

    The worst ad i have ever seen is the toilet bowl cleaner ad of Faisal Qureshi , it makes no sense at all when he uses the street language in it .

  • Harris

    Excellent Blog !

  • Ghufran

    Hi . It is so ridiculous to watch ads on tv .There should be a yellow pages TV Channel for all of them.

  • Content

    is this funny ? shall i laugh over this useless piece of blog? i am not fan of indian actors or movies / dramas but i hope the blog writer is one too… Cultural? does PK has any diff cultural in 67 years??? pls write some healthy satire ( no offence )