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Big B & Bebo together after 8 years


By Aisha Asif

aik hogaye hum ;)
Having stayed away from sharing screen space due to bitterness between the families, the actors will finally come together in Prakash Jha’s next film

Prakash Jha has pulled off quite a casting coupe for his next film Satyagrah that starts rolling in Bhopal this December. The filmmaker has brought together Amitabh Bachchan and Kareena Kapoor – actors who were last seen in Govind Nihalani’s 2004 film Dev and did not share a single scene even then.

Since then, both Bachchan and Bebo have declined offers from film makers wishing to cast them together. Reportedly, Bachchan had categorically shot down Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s idea of casting the actress in Black. Reason: The emotional turmoil both families went through after Bebo’s elder sister Karisma broke off her engagement with Jr Bachchan, Abhishek.

But time seems to have healed the wounds. With Abhishek and Karisma moving on in life, Sr Bachchan and Kareena too, have put their past behind.

According to a source close to the film, unlike in Dev, Kareena and the Big B will have a lot of scenes together. “In Satyagrah, Kareena plays Ajay Devgn’s ladylove and Amitabhji his mentor. Kareena’s character has strong views on politics and when she realises Devgn is going astray, stands up against him and his teacher,”
Kareena’s character will perhaps be one of the most powerful leading ladies of Hindi cinema. “She will share a interactive space with Bachchanji’s character that will lend her immense power. After Madhuri Dixit in Mrityudand, Kareena in Satyagrah is perhaps the director’s second strongest leading lady,” ;)

  • Faris

    Ah ha -That would be a sight

  • Rabiya Farhan

    Good one.

  • Rabiya Farhan

    Amitji ko ab retire ho jana chahye hai.70 kay ho gaye hain na ? Bakwas acting kertay hain waisay bhi :(

  • Black Hawk

    Dear Aish Asif . How in the world do you know that Amitji did not work with Bebo Ji because of his son’s break up with Karisma Kapoor ? I do not think Abhishek was any good to be Karisma’s husband or even as an actor to have landed in the bollywood . Very average looks and acting talent he cannot even replace Rambo in Lollywood .lol