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Bumpkin has landed !


By Ali Tim

Meet Mr Bumpkin.

Bumpkin is a Graffiti artist from Islamabad .He is young , fresh and in his world Yo Cool. The last one goes without a saying! Bumpkin like any other doodler started to sketch on paper.He finally found peace  and color in what he was creating in 2008.Soon his entire hood found that out too  as he had started to take his passion to the next level ….on their walls! Color me blind yo!

According to the Bumpkin dude the types of Graffiti…

Types Of Graffiti

“There are two types of graffiti artists. One known as Graffiti artist and second  Graffiti writers or Graffiti Bombers. I’m a graffiti writer. i write on walls or you can say i draw on walls with this graffiti art

Bumpkin his more art up his sleeve .He disclosed “I’m also a Sticker and Poster artist. Recently i have received stickers from Prague. This is called stickers trading. In graffiti world some of stickers artists trade their stickers with other stickers artist of the world to make good relations”

Bumpkin is a Samaritan too at heart. He does his art for a good reason.” In poster art i always try to convey some positive messages to the people of street.im,” his way of contributing to the society !

And in the end , Bumpkin’s world is also about exclusivity”I ve my own style in creating art and I like to call it “Puzzle Graffiti”

Hail to Bumpkin and his world. Let’s see his colors and messages take captives.