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Mehar Din Pakistani


By Ali Tim

Chacha Pakistani, the hero who lived to make Pakistan proud is gone! The man who, under all hazards, used to reach  Wagah Border for the flag hosting ceremonies, breath his last at the age of 90 on Sunday Oct 21 2012

With an alias used more for the love of his nation, Chaha’s real name was Mehar Din. He was born in 1922 and was for his own reasons stayed single and isolated all his life . Maybe his mission in life to see Pk at the top  and his own poverty didn’t allow him space for a matrimony .Chacha was a true nationalist. Not much is  known about his family but hearsay has it that his brothers migrated to Pakistan at the time of partition,  while Mehar Din made his way to the land of the pure after the line was finally drawn on the map. For many years  Mehar Din lived idle and years later moved in with brother’s kiths and kin. The 90 yr old like a true nomad  never settled in one place for too long .He travelled ,on foot mostly rounding up and attending as many national events as possible. He was therefore rightly bestowed upon the title of Chacha Pakistani.

Mehar Din’s nephews disclosed that he lived in extreme poverty since he had no regular source of income. No government stipend or pension of any sort either. The only time he ate was when people dished out some money to him at events at the Wagah border.

He was a serious hitch hiker and an extremely strong person.Even on the most uneven terrain he would hike about 40 kilometers every day to reach his destination ,the great divide, Wagah Border !
It is rather painful to learn that Chacha Pakistani was conferred upon many awards by the Government but never given any monetary help.

He lived and died in extreme poverty in a village called Chandari.

You live in our hearts Chacha Pakistani!