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Minus Cinema Formula-Revival of DVD cinema”




 By Nuhman MAsood

There  is onstant cold war between  cinema owners and film directors , film directors are not happy with owners because they think that cinema owners are not rightfully placing their movies or even not giving cinemas to their movies and releasing Indian movies rather than Pakistani movies and cinema owners has their own point of view as they say that the quality and content of Pakistani films are not up the mark and there is nothing in a Pakistani film which is sale able to audience or even attract them toward Pakistani films , Both are right at some instant . but according to my opinion directors cannot force cinema owners to show their movies as its proved all over the world that cinema owners are in candy business instead of Film making business, they aren’t part of industry, they just sell films as a candy shop sells candy, if a candy is not in demand no shop owner will keep that in his shop, it’s a fact that that Pakistani films can’t beat Indian films in budget but in content.

In every industry there is a circle of low budget filmmakers, even in bollywood there are certain filmmakers who make low budget films and such films are much appreciated in film festivals and in small circuits, a Film festival can give your film a name a credibility and fame but not money, so, for that we should look towards Hollywood, in Hollywood annually more than 1200 movies are produced and many of them are released on DVD, now you will say many? no all of them are released on DVD , yes I agree that all of them are released on DVD, but very few of you know that there are many films in Hollywood which are release directly on DVD rather than any cinema or theater , as there are many films release in Hollywood and all of them aren’t of same big budget and star cast so they release there film directly on DVD  and those films produce decent money in which they cover their cost and make some profit for makers so in Hollywood direct to DVD movies is a successful exercise and we should try it in Pakistan .

As we know that in Pakistan there are few good cinemas where people wants to go and those cinemas mostly play Indian or Hollywood big budget movies , and for a local filmmaker its not possible to show his film on those cinemas , direct to DVD is a right way for such local and new filmmakers who believe s that there films has something to offer , and once a film is hit on DVD next time no cinema will say NO to that filmmaker , by doing this we can cover the cost of film and may b can make little bit money , the main hurdle in this direct to DVD phenomena in Pakistan is piracy , if we can control piracy we can revive our film industry through direct DVD release formulae which is quiet economical and cost very low as compare to hiring a cinema or giving a percentage to cinema .

  • Taha Ahmed

    Nauman i post your email address …i want to email you regarding a ZERO budget film that i have made…its the first ever zero budget film in the history of pakistan… plzz mail me a blank mail so i can respond u details [email protected]