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Moving The Masses , 2012 .


By  Farhan Imaan F.Abro

I know for many of the reader it would be strange, specially written by me but I think It is time to aware and get to know what it exactly is. first let me highlight some Geographical facts which are not by me but the scientists

Earth’s Circumference at the Equator: 24,901.55 miles (40,075.16 km)

Earth’s Circumference Between the North and South Poles: 24,859.82 miles (40,008 km)

Earth’s Diameter at the Equator: 7,926.28 miles (12,756.1 km)

Earth’s Diameter at the Poles: 7,899.80 miles (12,713.5 km)

Average Distance from the Earth to the Sun: 93,020,000 miles (149,669,180 km)

Average Distance from the Earth to the Moon: 238,857 miles (384,403.1 km

These are few measurements calculated while the Earth circulated, infact  all of the above mentioned keeps changes almost on daily basis, That’s how nature works here what I am trying to explain is the whole period of Civilization mankind been busy in progressive development, where as ignoring foes, Over the centuries none been able to focus our Nature is shaping us while we think we are shaping.  In 2009 It was confirm that Earth rotation speed  Axis tilt has changed it has gone slower, the question is

How fast is our Earth rotating? More specifically, how fast are you moving due to the Earth’s rotation on its axis? The answer always seems surprising, since as you observe the Earth from your residence, objects on the Earth don’t seem to be moving that fast. In fact, some of the ancient astronomers (including Aristotle) believed that the Earth was stationary since there seemed to be no direct evidence and this was complicated by the fact that many believed that the Earth was at the center of the known universe and that everything, including the Sun, orbited it.

Of course,knowing that the Earth is not stationary, is not at the center of anything, including our own Solar System, and does indeed rotate on an axis. We see this rotation every single day as the Sun, the Moon, planets and stars appear to move from east to west in our local skies every single day. The Earth’s gravity keeps us rooted on the ground, thankfully!

We need only two values to calculate the rotational speed of the Earth at its equator (0 degrees latitude). The first value is the Earth’s equatorial radius, which can easily be obtained from the astronomy texts or the internet:

Req = 6,371.14 km

The second value is the Earth’s sidereal rotation period. We cannot use the widely used 24 hours, since that is not the Earth’s true rotation period. The “solar day” (24 hours) is based on the time required for the Sun to appear in the same part of the sky. This is caused not only by the Earth’s rotation but by the Earth’s orbit, which carries the Earth approximately one degree per day. This small angle will certainly change the Sun’s apparent position in the sky as observed from the Earth’s surface.Which is why, Sun keeps changing its position in seasons ( as it appears if one notice it ) .

The sidereal rotation period (or “sidereal day”) is based on the time required for the stars (which can be construed as being an infinite distance from the Earth) to appear in the same part of the sky as observed from the Earth’s surface. The Earth’s sidereal day can easily be looked up:

Trot = 23 hours 56 minutes 4.1 secondsTrot = 23.934472 hours

A spot on the Earth’s equator traces out a full circle every sidereal day. The circumference of this circle can easily be calculated by using the basic equation learned in high school:

Ceq = 2πReq

Ceq = 40,031.1 km

The spot on the Earth’s equator travels this full circumference every sidereal day. Therefore the speed of a person standing on the equator can be calculated by using the following equation:

veq = Ceq ÷ Trot

veq = 1,673 kilometres per hour (km/h) = 465 metres per second (m/s)

veq = 1.35 the speed of sound (!!!)

The only reason why we cannot feel it is because the Earth’s rotational speed is quite constant (thankfully) and therefore has a negligible acceleration and the Earth’s gravity keeps us well grounded.

Let’s get it straight here, for those who are trying to understand in simple manners, It is to determine how Nature has set and synced, I had this question in my mind over three years now been reading about it and observing it, My 3 years of experimenting and knowing more related to this, got me way further than I expected, in way I would say knowing the unknow isn’t impossible, back to the topic, I came on the this conclusion that, Moving the masses , That’s how I explain it, by digging up the earth for the construction or constructive purposes, one of the example which you all would get it quickly is the City Dubai, Back in 70′s it was desert and today when your in the city you cannot tell where desert went, how we transformed and shaped the earth for our own needs did we or we even think a minor about nature in return NO ! we don’t….  Lets stay that way and say back when it was desert the  weight of the surface was different, within decades planed well and using state of the art cutting edge technology today it’s transformed into something one could not even imagine, I must say, on the other side, the constant Warfare, even before World War I and II,  blowing bombs , Nuclear, gearing up destructive ways, gives the surface entire new shape which no doubt causes unusual activities. The Earth weight constantly been  changing with-in a curtain limits ( parameters ) usually, but this time its totally out of sync least as I have noticed and researched, from one example which is Sad but True, is that still the sun position is somewhat in the summer Zone where as it should have been in Winter Zone, The chain reaction changes daily activities and these Moving Masses are the worst dangerous for all living creature.

Today People may not find it serious as other issues but sooner or later they will and than the actual Intelligence of human race would be the only solution to save this planet. We are slowing the pace of the planet, Radical Changes cannot be felt right way but when you think it my way the days has shrieked shorter in every way, thou you may feel it or not but our brains are highly unlikely  linked and synced with Universe ! It’s a Global Issue and on which very rearly one has ever discussed because the threats by the nature in return are not coming as Written BLOGS or YOUTUBE VIDEOS but one has to go deeper to understand. Right from where I can talk about various things which i noticed, Things which aren’t visible, Rays , Layers even the future ” Solution lies right exactly where the problem is and so as the The problem caused right exactly where the solution was ” Tricky !

The Life span is getting shorter and we are running out of  resources, it is like there are less resources and consumption is increasing, burden is all onto the Earth ! for what so ever mankind does, Do not knock me out by saying reproductive theory infact I have that in mind before I even started but how would you balance the weight of the world upon your shoulder when there would be no way to balance your ownself !  Think it that way.

Any Questions Queries , Comments , Suggestions are most welcome. This is just the review of it, not the all !


Thanks for reading and I am sure after reading this your mind must have opened the closed window to see from the different view how and where are we heading, as we are Moving The Masses.




  • Kamran Jalail

    Hi ,Not that i want to argue about the scientific facts here but Dubai with all it’s glory is certainly a good example to follow . That is evolution more than mere construction but how does move the rest of the world?

    • http://twitter.com/Farhan_Imaan Farhan Imaan

      Dear Kamran,

      Dubai example was just for everyone to understand when I am actually talking about the Masses I am not just pointing this time around NY , DXB , Singapore , Japan etc.. I am pointing from the last traces remaining of the human civilization, what is happening, today Engineers decide and as well as companies let’s make a tower of 135 floors here, do they think of above mentioned Topic ( NO they Don’t ) .
      This Post is a short Review I have written alot on this , Soon I will post another one, to clear the concept pre historic times and the future somewhat linked which I personally call ” The Future is in the Past ” .

  • Black Hawk

    Deat Farhan . I like the blog and after a while i am reading something so interesting . There is life on other planets too. If we move where do we move then ?. Aftermath of the world wars is still there and to even the earth’s surface for a rebirth of a new planet we will probably need another world war.

  • Sadia K

    The side of planet shrinking in Pakistan can be only credited to the killings by the poltical parties. No scientific research involved her. But if the human race is shrinking and life span is getting shorter then you must know who is to be blamed for that?

    • http://twitter.com/Farhan_Imaan Farhan Imaan

      Topic is not about Pakistan certainly, It is linked way back with first civilization why were they so precise and doing everything calculative where as today we have all right in our hands with in no time we can measure but we don’t bother to know how does it effect Earth. I believe that ancient civilization were doing all the constructive work for a purpose to cross over the fabric of time and they had the idea of rotation with their own way of calculation.

  • Haroon

    Farhan ,who are you?. Just a radical or a scientist ?