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By Aneeq Nayer Khan If I ask you who are you & what’s your identity? You are going to tell your name probably. If I ask apart from your name? Now you may be a doctor, an engineer, businessman OR you may Pakistani, Indian, Bengali or Sindhi. Are you missing any priority? Yes friend our minds are far away from […]

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Aag Leaks – October 2012

Sattar Bhai  and Shakeel are pulling off RED HOONT jokes of the latest variety with Sajjad Haider(Red Team) on Aag Tv floor .Expressing  an outward glee only, Sajjad for sure doesn’t fancy it internally. Hypocrite Hot! Raees and Raheel ( Producers) are together forever. Seen together forever, to be more precise. It is just that they have managed to keep […]

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The effect of CGPA on a student’s life

By - Farhan Afzal Saifee You may be a recent University graduate and holding a CGPA of 2.0 or above which is actually considered as the minimum a student can graduate with and then what? “Where on earth you will find a job?” you get teased by friends, family or may be your very own professors. Things starts getting narrow and […]

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By - Aisha Waris I hope everyone knows what I am talking about *err* writing about. As the title suggests it’s all about the trend of fraandship since we were allowed the free reign of cellphones by our parents. Although this trend is now on the maturity level but I am sure it won’t *decline*. Everybody has atleast once in their […]

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Minus Cinema Formula-Revival of DVD cinema”

     By Nuhman MAsood There  is onstant cold war between  cinema owners and film directors , film directors are not happy with owners because they think that cinema owners are not rightfully placing their movies or even not giving cinemas to their movies and releasing Indian movies rather than Pakistani movies and cinema owners has their own point of […]

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The Casual Vacancy

By Jamal JK Rowling has done it again. Her new novel Casual Vacancy is a magnificently written piece of literature and one, which will be hotly debated in the coming months. Its language is salacious, its prose is incisive and its delivery is forceful.  By writing Casual Vacancy, JK Rowling has made it clear that her range is not limited […]

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All That Glitters Is Not Gold

By Sonya Anjum Saba Being a Business Professional, when I see the current online market trends in Pakistan, I wonder what is all this? A country with immense inflation, where managing even our basic needs is a question mark for the majority, still sellers have guts to sell their low quality products at a branded price? The thing that shocks […]

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