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The Wannabe fad”


By Sana Khan

While studying the major issues of Pakistan, I thought of one of the biggest problems our country faces.
The Wannabe Issue”. We  have a lot of

wannabes  in our country.Call it human nature or the wanna be virus,  almost all of us have a desire to be
someone but unfortunately we turn out to be no one! Perhaps it would be better if i
were a bit more precise…!! Most of the wannabes join the politics
, the rest of them jump on media.Not surprisingly the very few, leftovers,
remain just  wannabes…! ;) And yet again and not surprisingly most popular of them all turn out to be  good in being
who they’re not,  Hint hint (You know which political and media related people I’m talking about. Yup that’s right!)

The Commercial Sell”outs. Clean Bold!

Whereas there is a wide count of those who try their best not to be themselves.

 The only point to write this blog is to make sure such people
realize what others think about them. So to all the wannabes out
there. Thank you for making pathetic attempts just to get our attention. You all make a good fool out of yourselves yet still the intelligent fragment of the society stays unperturbed  and in the least bit impressed. Cheers!

  • Rahid

    Does it mean that all 20 plus crore people of Pakistan are wannabes and work for the media or want to be someone else?

  • Black Hawk

    Hello .There is a line of demarcation between different types of people. Every person is different. Media people may be the similar lot but this can never be generalized for every person in it.As for others ,yes they emulate good or bad people.The influence is always there and that is what compels individuals to pick up good or bad role models in their lives.

  • Dr Shafaq Hamid

    The wannabes are actually the lower middle class or the deprived class. The upper class wannabes are most dangerous and they end up looting the all important seats of the government. This country has strange extremes of class, all die to wannabes and want to be people

  • Siraj

    My point of view. not necessarily Politics and media . The wannabees are and could be in in filed or occupation !