featured, GENERAL — November 19, 2012 at 12:54 pm

Confusion !


By   Ammar Siddiqui

I try to follow news regularly to keep myself up-to-date with current happenings however the more I read and watch the more depressed and confused I get.  I am sure this is the case with many of my fellow citizens as well, as whenever I discuss this matter with my friends the response is similar and comparable.

I guess as a nation we are confused, In fact this bewilderment is in all sectors of our community.  The apex state of confusion starts from our politicians who are supposedly our saviours and leaders. They are the most confused sector of our society. They are confused about the matters like foreign affairs, defense, Protection of life, liberty, freedom of speech and even about the simple concepts like good governance, morality, corruption, honesty, ethics, etc.

Some advocate that with media transparency things are improving however I believe that media is also confused and adding more to this confusion deliberately or naively but they are playing their part. This state of confusion can even be witnessed in militant and terrorist organizations within our country. It is evident that the militants are also confused about their believes, targets and agendas. Killing of innocents in the name of divine war, which is specifically prohibited in our religion, Islam is just another example of this chaotic sternness. You can find confusion at some level in every segment of our society.

As a nation we are even confused about our history, culture and ethnicity. The perplexity is even to extent that concepts like religion, happiness and life are also being clouded due to this state of confusion. This is in fact directly adding depression, sadness and suffering within our society.

The question at hand is that, is this confusion deliberately being spread to safe guard a few or we simply don’t have any common agenda as a nation?