FASHION, featured — November 15, 2012 at 1:09 pm

Are you A Brand-Conscious Person?


By Aisha Asif

When shopping or buying things, are you after the brand name or the quality of the things? People who only buy things made by  famous label and are much expensive are often called brand conscious and those people who buy things because of their high quality are usually called quality conscious. What about those people who are looking for inexpensive things to buy? Can we call them price conscious people? Or practical people?

What group of consumer or people you belong? Whenever I’m at shopping mall, I admired signature items,  especially when it comes to bags, clothes and shoes.  When they say signature items what comes in mind is the price, “too expensive” and “best in quality”.  The question is, can I afford to buy? Or is my money worth?

I’m not against in buying expensive or branded things if we can afford it. The quality of signature items or branded things are proven of durability and/or high in quality,  unlike those unbranded, which are  low in price or cheaper one. But today’s life especially if you’re life is just like mine,  I’ll choose to be one of those practical people. I’ll prefer to have the important things first before signature things for myself.  Family first before branded things. Future first before expensive item. I would rather save my money first before buying too expensive things. Besides, there are things we can buy  inexpensive and still the quality was good.

How about you? How do you buy things most of the time?