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By Sana Khan

One of the biggest decision in one’s life is when they decide to get
married. It’s the hardest and the toughest decision of all. Marriage
is a game of gamble, some times everything seems to be perfect but it
doesn’t turn out to be the way we think and sometimes we’re so scared
with the situation and things turn out to be completely opposite. On
the basis of my observation, I guess a girl should keep a few things
in her mind.

* Never keep expectations…. Remember they always hurt.

* Please girls, DON’T treat your man like your boyfriend.. He won’t
take it that much.

* Never compare your man with your father.. You have no idea what your
mother has been through.

* Once you’re married, always keep your eyes widely open, ears
partially closed and your mouth completely shut. Trust me a lot of
problems are solved and avoided by your silence.

* Every woman works in a different manner in the kitchen, and most of
the conflicts arise from there, so try to adapt things as done in your

* It’s always better to be under confident than to be over confident,
if you don’t know something ask your husband or mother in law for help.

* Never give advises until asked.

* Be very careful when talking about your sister in laws or mother in
law, it’s a very sensitive issue, men can never take it.

* Try to be diplomatic… You’ll win the hearts of your inlaws. ;)

* Always remember to bring flexibility in your personality because if
you want to change someone, you need to change yourself first! ;)

* A successful married woman is one who shows her husband that she
does everything according to his will, but in fact does everything she


  • Danish

    No problems could ever be avoided . What has to happen will still happen!

  • Aisha Jibran

    lols.By being diplomatic you can never win your inlaws hearts . You will just get into more complications !

  • Sana Khan

    Everyone’s entititled to their opinion and when it comes to me i talk on the basis of ny experiance of life, which may differ from others… Not everyone has the guts to take things if said straight forwardly, but it’s better to say it in more appropriate way.
    Yes Danish what has to happen, will happen but, we can try our best to avoid such a situation!!! :)

  • Sher khan

    this is how I check comments on girls talk blog

    • Mahnoor

      Do you only check girls comments??? :x

  • http://www.facebook.com/LimaTariq Ursala Tariq

    No offence but does this mean if you are a girl and if you wanna marry you must pretend to be a totally different person?