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All That Jazz’ Dave Brubeck ends!


Jazz composer and pianist Dave Brubeck died on 5th Dec 2012 ,Wednesday morning just one day before hitting 92. Brubeck suffered a heart failure in Norwalk, CT on his way to the hospital.

Known for classical influences and off beat time signatures, Dave released albums from 1949 until 2011. His ground-breaking 1959 record Time Out with the Dave Brubeck Quartet included his most famous recording, “Take Five”.

Take Five was the first jazz LP to sell a million copies.

Burbeck became the first jazz musician to be featured on the cover of TIME in 1954. He was awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1996 and became a Kennedy Center Honoree in 2009.

Burbeck was also a champion of political and civil liberties throughout his career. He refused to play a South African tour in 1958 when confronted with a contract guaranteeing his band would be all white, and was known to cancel other performances that demanded segregation.


DaveBurbeck is survived by his wife Iola, four sons and one daughter.