FASHION, featured — December 3, 2012 at 3:30 pm

Can hair style change your personality?


By Aisha Asif

To get a proper styling and in order to look fashionable one needs to be very particular about all the aspects of his or her look. The outfit, makeup, accessories and of course the hair style are the basic factors that complete the whole look of an individual. Many a times it is seen that people are very conscious about their dress and accessories like shoes and bag but they easily neglect the hairstyle, though it is a well-known fact that hairstyle is one of the most important aspects, as it changes the whole look. Even a casual dress, with no accessories but with a good hair style can make you look striking.

Different occasions require different hairstyles and this in fact gives a fresh look each time you move out of your place. Simple tricks with the hair can create magic and it can make you look as you wish. Therefore, we see a lot of hairstyle conscious people nowadays.

Before any kind of styling one thing that is unavoidable is the quality of the hair. If your hair is not healthy then all kinds of styling is wasted. So the first important thing that one needs is proper care of the hair. Regular hair wash, conditioning, oil massage etc. is a must for anyone and everyone to protect their hair from the pollution. Even a good serum can be used.

if u have blasted hair :P so please stay away from daily wash

  • Sadiq

    Hair raising !

  • Haroon Ahmed

    The hair should be healthy and well combed . That’s all a woman should look like in my opinion !