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One Pound Fish is kinda…….


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And he was just another bloke on the block trying to make ends meet in UK by selling fish . He thought he would sing it out and sing it aloud to all and sundry. ‘C’mon Ladies One Pound Fish” and have whales of fun.He emerged trumps .Shahid Nazir has certainly created waves in the fish pound .One Pound Fish is a  top charter!

The man in question , the hawker has  has taken UK  by a storm. His unique style of selling fish grabbed the attention of BBC . Soon his chant of One Pound Fish was layered with music and a via half decent video launched on the You Tube. With over a million views in less than a day , Shahid Nazir even surprised the Elton Johns and Green Days of the world .

Recent update on the rising phenomenon,  all thanks the X Factor and James Arthur,  One Pound Fish song has less chance of being the Christmas No.1 hit .It is still being interrogated because the fish is kind of stinking near the tail .

The seemingly bright chances of Nazir singing his song live on 1000 Great Xmas Hits recedes by the day as the UK Border Agency has found a clue  that there’s something fishier about Nazi than just his Fish eye.

He came to  Britain on a student visa. He then quit his studies to work in London and this is where the shoe pinches .He might not be able to make it as big there because of the immigration issues.

Warner Music may be able to intervene and get him a waver . That could happen . Anything is possible  and so far so good with One Pound Fish!

  • http://www.facebook.com/LimaTariq Ursala Tariq

    What the fish lol! I watched this vid only yday and totally enjoyed his creative selling… wishing him luck with immigration tho :)