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Saqib Saleem Khan *The Ivory Tickler*


By Aag Web Desk

Saqib Saleem Khan is what one could comfortably call an “Ace keyboardist .He is a testament to the fact that  throughout the history of music individual musicians have had a major impact on the music scene.This holds true for the chapters of pop music scene in Pakistan .A keyboardist who excels in composition , singing , recording and also playing live,                                                                                  Saqib is rated top notch amongst  the  notable musicians who have left their mark by expanding the envelope of their respective genres,  through technical proficiency, experimentation and exploration.He is constanly escalating with every passing day .

The success that he enjoys is not certainly an overnight phenomenon .”I have been working consistently since the 80s, says Saqib with a smile. There were times when i had no money to even buy food for the family  but i just did not give up and continued my struggle to make it to the list of top keyboardist in the country” , he reminisces .And top Key player he finally became . From an underdog to the most sought after musician who every singer wished to work with . From Hadiqa Kiani to Shaqat Amanat Ali  and from Ali Zafar to Atif Aslam .

Rising from the ranks of pop band The Night People to Craze in the 90s and finally going solo Saqib has faced many hurdles .”i always looked around for gigs, i was refused and rejected also but i never felt dejected” ,he unwinds. Every time i was turned down because of the music industry politics i became a stronger person. I learnt how to arrrange, sequence and program.Went through the ordeal of learning software and hardware related to recordings . Today i have my studio and i have travelled the whole world with the most notable pop icons of Pakistan,Saqib says triumphantly .

Seems like decades of hard work , trials and tribulations ,blood & sweat has finally paid off for Saqib . Yet he is still not content . ‘I want to work more and broaden my horizons. I went to do colloborations with Eastern classical  and western  Jazz artists as a keyboardist and composer .I am at it “, he confides without naming the artists.

When there is a will there is a way . Saqib Saleem khan has definitly found some avenues and for the rest and he is still struggling .