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The Spinner Takes It All !Pakistan DJ Network


By Ali Tim – Photography by Fahadee

Electronic music and DJ parties have become increasingly popular over the last decade in metropolitan cities of Pakistan particularly among teenagers and

young adults.With this trend a newer breed of disc jockeys have come to the fore .They are young , dynamic and tech wiz kids to say the least .

With their own style of mixing with modern gadgets, unlike the older lot of DJs who would spin old 78 vinyl backwards under the steel needle tin to get effects of the soundbox, the fresh crop of DJs give one the run for the money and time .Sophisticated technology has made its ways and now in Electronic music ,it is the era of pitch benders , synths, drum machines and DJ mixing softwares .Heartening to know that Pakistani DJs are abreast with the aggrandizment in the world of electronica and their looping/sampling techniques are in syc with the most celebrated DJs and their sounds in the globe.
PDN , Pakistan DJ Network is nation’s first DJ troupe .It is home to about 45 DJs and producers . Unique in its works and inarguably progressive in its art the PDN has many promises to keep . At the PDN ,Karachi chapter Meet Up event ,DJ Ali Safina played an extensively addictive set . He unravelled that idea behind the Meet Up was to make Electronic music popular with all classes of people in PK . “It is just not an upper class thing. We under the banner of PDN would break barriers and reach out to the under priveleged class too. Music is no status symbol . It is for one and all”

Hira Tareen , Pakistan’s first female DJ and co founder PDN came up with the idea of bringing the DJs on one platform , “The birth of PDN will combine the creative efforts of the youth and bring to reality, dreams founded in swet and blood . A single person’s toil may go in vain but a collective output could become a source of fascination and intrigue for the legions of electronic music fans all across the world.As an ensemble we can offer more diversity that would cater to varied moods.Also that would be the source/hub to put DJs from our side of the planet on the map”,Hira laid down her agenda.
“DJs are often paid more then the rock stars”, opined another DJ at the PDN Meet UP. “The sound palette is obviously bigger and in compariosn to any musician who handles a single instrument on stage ,the DJ on the spinning console probably does more’. Agreed! There are vetren DJs in the world who pace 120 beats /min , change upto 10 vinyls/ minute ,while mixing live via drum machines and constantly merging live samples to perfection in the real time.They are spin addicts and some of the resident DJs of Ministry of Sound, London and Guvernment, Totonto do exhibit it for a steep sum/set/hr

All the  PDN  DJs in attendance  at the fancy joint took turns to spin their best in house , trance , techno  and literally brought the house down .It was a display of their skills and every DJ was given 30 minutes to rip through the mega sound system (Lights & laser added to maximazie the effect !) They all went down  excellent with the audience thereby proving their mettle .Need i mention, they had the definte potential to join the army of the likes of Paul Van Dyk and Armin Van Buuren?Yes , i did smell the teen spirit in the house!

“We want to go further” ,DJ Ali Safina disclosed before getting on his rig. “We want to fill up stadiums and start a new trend .This is just a humble beginning ”
Humble beginning ? True that . One such a humble beginning by Thaddeus Cahill in the early 20th century led to the invention of the first electromechanical musical instrument. the Telharmonium. Another humble beginning in late part of 80′s turned into a movement in Europe and electronic music evolved into a fast paced .commercialized , worldwide party culture .
A respectable tip of the hat to PDN and all its DJs for a great meet up .
Lively and energetic .
Will Meet UP again !

Pakistan DJ Network Karachi Chapter
List of DJs at the Meet Up

1-Fahad Anjum aka Disko Unkle
2-Adnan Sami Sheikh
3- Daniyal Acharia
4-Bilal Brohi
5-Sameer Saleem
6-Rfay and Suhaib (rZ &Suhaib)
7-Danish Ali Dahraj
8-Talal Tariq
9-Adeel Ahmed Pir
10- Fahad Baksh
11- Hira Tareen
12- Ali Safina

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  • Rafil

    Wow . sounds like a friggn good idea . PDN sounds good . How can be a prt of it since i’m heavily into electronic music

  • Haniya Shumayl

    Hi . This sounds amazing . Pakistani DJs with their own network . I wish somebody had done it earlier . But it is better late then never . When and where can this network DJs be heard ? Best regards .

  • Ghufran

    Hi . Ali Tim you mean that VJ Ali Safina and model Hira Tareen are DJs ? I loved Milk Sheikh .When is it going to be back on Aag Tv ?

  • Farhan Shahab

    I like this blog and have been a great fan of Ali Tim. If he is writing that PDN DJs have such massive talent then he must be correct . I would like to join this network . Is there a website i can list myself ? Do the DJs play Punjabi bhangra also becasue i like mixing beats on Punjabi Bhangar music myself .

  • Ayan Khan

    I wonder iif anyone can remix this track and maybe make it a little faster with a heavy beat