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Lajawab loog -Ba Kamal Kaam

  KARACHI- Islamabad-bound PIA flight, which took off from Karachi, landed at Lahore airport allegedly to drop the Captain’s daughter.   According to sources, the PIA flight PK-562 was on its way from Karachi to Islamabad when it was diverted to Lahore, allegedly, to drop off the daughter of PIA Captain Tariq Javed.He was himself in a pensive move flying […]

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Bieber Fever Believe

Justin Bieber‘s new album Believe Acoustic, which features eight acoustic tracks from his 2012 platinum LP Believe, as well as three new cuts, is expected to be No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart . Hardly a surprise, considering Bieber’s the biggest pop artist in the world. His repertoire is laced with 4 No 1s and expectations are that Believe will also land […]

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GNR or Rush? Feb will be Fab!

The 2013 Ultimate Classic Rock Bowl Finals have started!  Three weeks and 14  battles down — with over 250,000 votes being registered in the semifinal  —  the only two  bands  left to fight for the title: Guns N’ Roses and Rush. 16 of rock’s biggest bands met up earlier this month in a series of single-elimination polls to determine the […]

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By Wajid Shamsul Hasan I lately received a call from Sheher Bano, Editor Supplements of The News, from Pakistan. I am constantly on the phone these days talking to friends from home-quite a large number being journalists. Everyone who had been with us in the long democratic struggle was concerned about the fledgling democratic system, facing a ferocious threat by […]

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A Journey from Qadri’s LONG MARCH to Zardari’s Premiere League – Part 2

By Sonya Anjum Saba As I mentioned a question in Part 1: “Who got the maximum benefit out of it and who suffered the major loss?” Whatever I write is my personal observation and anticipation with respect to what happened in the last one year. But I believe that its not only me… there are many who think like me…To me […]

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Afghanistan’s First Female Rapper*Feroz*

By Miss’T’ Susan Feroz is laden with angst . To vent she finds Rap music as her punching bag of choice  and makes a song. Next thing her song becomes a hit .The rest is history. Feroz born in Afghanistan, raised in Iran finds her lingua franca ,Persian an easy tool to convey her inner feelings. That’s right .She sings […]

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Change the entire system, How, When and Where?

By Umer Ali Khan It is a time for change. It is a time to educate the youth of Pakistan. It’s a time to unite each other and make a superior Pakistan. How is it possible? Do you have any idea in your mind? We are listening from a change from everywhere but don’t have a critical solution. How? When? […]

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“A Journey from Qadri’s LONG MARCH to Zardari’s Premiere League – Part1″

By Sonya Anjum Saba Today Sheikh Waqas Akram on Ary in Kashif Abbasi’s program said that we were always against “Election Commission” mean while in the 7star container Qadri + Govt Officials were having negotiations… Which makes me think daal main kuch kala nahi tha… puri ki puri daal pehlay din se he kaali thi… Its history of politics that […]

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15 points “Why I Condemn Mr. Qadri’s March”

 By Sonya Anjum Saba First and foremost point: What is his actual motive? First he copied PTI’s agenda and claims to be the initiator of it. And then asking PTI to join the march. Then he made public follow an unconstitutional way of protesting against in competency of govt. He does not have the authority to challenge any of the […]

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Model Car Collector King* Aamir Ashfaq*

By Aamir Ashfaq What makes my passion unique is that I am not a ten-year-old who is engaged with a passion for four-wheeled playthings. I am an unassuming, functional, employed 40-year-old. Collecting model cars is my passion since my childhood. I love every single part about these street machines. I loved the sound, speed and especially the looks of these […]

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