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15 points “Why I Condemn Mr. Qadri’s March”


 By Sonya Anjum Saba
  • First and foremost point: What is his actual motive? First he copied PTI’s agenda and claims to be the initiator of it. And then asking PTI to join the march.
  • Then he made public follow an unconstitutional way of protesting against in competency of govt. He does not have the authority to challenge any of the state orgs that he announces demolishment of govt and started calling them ex… However on the other hand he shows solidarity with the Supreme Court of Pakistan. If he believes in SC then he would have filed a petition against corrupt govt, his fears regarding formation of Election Commission and should have conducted his pressure protest in front of SC to take action… rather than taking law in his own hands and provoking people to do the same.
  • By doing all this he is only jamming the routine life and work of natives ofIslamabad, and creating chaos and turmoil in the city. In fact he seems to be enjoying the media attention that he is getting as a result of all this.
  • He claims to trust and respect Army, but have not considered about the situation at LOC?? In such a serious situation at border he is causing havoc and unrest in the capital of Pakistan??? Who is he facilitating??? Public or India??? Because shutting down the capital is not in public’s interest but is certainly serving the Indian intentions of disturbingPakistan internally at a time when they are causing unrest at border.
  • Everyday the content of his speech is changing with the changing scenario. Day before yesterday he was sharing the stolen agenda of PTI and after IK’s conference he started calling for an advisory from Army for Elections… My question is what sort of advisory?? Like pre-elect the prime minister/ president of Army’s choice or what…???
  • Having religions seminaries is a good thing but using its name, students and staff for creating pressure and disturbance in the country, and using public frustration against govt under the flag of Islam is totally evil.
  • Calling himself “Sheikh ul Islam” is also controversial, who is he to define himself as Sheikh of Islam, all by himself? Was he inaugurated or undergo any ordination for that title?? Ok for the sake of argument even if I ignore the self proclamation of the title… but I object and condemn the usage of it for his political motives…!!
  • Hijacking the capital, making people shut their businesses down, closing educational institutes, cutting off traffic and making people of Islamabad feel like prisoners in their own houses is what sort of “Inqlaab”…?? Your embassies are shut? Your foreign dialogues are being affected, your economy is suffering the crisis and this man intends to continue the show for as long as he can…?? Is this what an Islamic scholar is supposed to do?? It was never Prophet PBUH’s way of handling any situation.
  • If he has an agenda or wants a positive change in society his foundation should be based on honesty and lawful steps. But his charter is stolen from PTI, then from his very first move of hiring hi profile security to delivering emotional and provoking speeches in the name of religion and calling it jehaad is Talibanization in its own way.
  • His followers say that he needs security, because if he died who will lead the crowd. Well why didn’t Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A) cared for the crowd when he offered himself for shahadaat? Because his people were clear about their objectives… but on the other hand, Qadri sahib calling himself soldier of Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A) is not sure at his own about what he wants… everyday his demands change… he claims to be peaceful but harassing the common natives of Islamabad. Now if he would have cleared his motives and agenda on the basis of fair and honest tracks… he would not have been scared of anyone… Ek sachay insane ki pehchan hoti ha k who kisi se nahi darta… I don’t want to sound biased but I have never seen IK taking VIP security protocols like Qadri… even when he went to a place like Waziristan.
  • He claims to be a very sincere leader of Pakistani people, well if that is so, then why didn’t he mentioned foreign interference in the country’s matters? What about DRONE ATTACKS?? He totally skipped that part?? I agree that Pakistan suffered due to corrupt politicians… but why is he neglecting the fact that WAR on TERROR is a major factor in instability of Pakistan’s economy.
  • Why didn’t he talk about TARGET KILLING in Karachi??? Simply because MQM supported him morally??? Even wanted to join the march and then back ed off?? Are Pakistani muslims really that blind that they can not read his political moves in the name of Public Sympathy and Islam??
  • If a wolf takes cover of a sheep doesn’t make him as innocent. These scholars are also humans they are not Prophets (Na’Auzubillah) and they are prone to commit sins and make mistakes… But the ones who follow have given him a greater place than Quran and Sunnah?? He is using Islam against Islam… Quran Pak against muslims and they are bowing down as if he’s some kinda greek god???
  • Islam is a religion of Peace, negates any kind of violence and has great value for the ones who respect and follow the law. Gathering crowd of poor people in which majority consists of labor class is not an achievement. They are not even educated enough to understand that it is not necessary that if a man is reciting Quranic verses, will also speak truth; nothing but the truth. He is as prone to lie as any of us. It is their simplicity along with their frustration against govt that Mr. Qadri is using as a fuel for his political and personal interest.
  • My last point for the moment is that Pakistani authorities should take a serious notice of what stress all this is causing to poor and innocent people of Islamabad. They must take action immediately to clear away the crowd, and get life and business back to norma
  • Muhammad Tilal

    Bull’s Eye Sonya! Apt and well organized

  • Farhan Shah

    Maulana Saheb’s stance and stand on his point is 100 percent correct .There is no ambiguity in his charter .I stand for the rights and freedom of Pakistan along with Maulana Tahir Ul Qadri .

  • Hameed Haroon

    Asa to the muslim Umma and followers of Islam. The message of Tahir Ul Qadri is clear and there should be no debate on it that he is at any point incorrect in trying to acheive law and order in this lawless country . Those who do not abide by his teachings are actually doing injustise to our Country and religion !

  • Danish

    Dear Sonya , the effort you have made in writing your own charter of 15 points is commendable. But is it what this nation has come to that against a huge personality like Maulan Tahir who has valid reason for protest novices like yourself are objecting to such a noble cause. Do not forget that there are people who support Tahir Ul Qadri all over the world and we did need a hero like him to salvage our country !

    • Muhammad Tilal

      TQ is losing respect because of the hoax he created. I support and respect TQ but only as a scholar not a self proclaimed savior of Pakistani nation.

      • Sonya Anjum Saba

        Agreed Muhammad Tilal

  • Rehan Faraz ul azam

    HulkayPhulkay Mulk main hulk phuka TUQ . Tahir Ul Qadri

  • Marriyam

    Allah ka shukar ha koi tu bola iss Qadri k bare mai, he is not presenting true pic of Islam

  • Naveed.R Butt

    “Having religions seminaries is a good thing but using its name, students and staff for creating pressure and disturbance in the country, and using public frustration against govt under the flag of Islam is totally evil.” Yep, this could really get out of hand.

  • Mohammad Tilal

    Very well written Previously I respected TQ for his knowledge but after all the fuss he created, I can only say that he is a self proclaimed voice of people. I agree with every bit of this article! Keep it up Proud of you

  • Khawaja Fahd Shafique

    qadri ka maqsad sirf election delay karwana hai, or iska koe maqsad nae hai,, kyun kai ye bh possible hai kai state mai emergency lag jae or us hal mai election nae hon gai or by the tym zardari ka bh tym pura hio jae ga, or waise bh constituation mai election ko 1 sall age kar sakte hain,, or ye log yehi chate hain or yehi karien gai, kaii abhi halat kharab hain mulak kai distabilty a gae hai to election ka tym age kar deya hai,,,

  • Aamir Hassan Naqvi

    I totally agree to the article, infact I have a question to make that why he calls himself a reflection of Hazrat Imam Hussain R.A, he make very big claims that are even close to shirk and still people follow him with ignorance, may Allah give hidyah to my fellow muslim brothers and sisters of Pakistan

  • Farah Khan

    Molana k followers ko shayed sachi baat karwi lag rahi ha, baat toh sach ha magar baat ha ruswai ki :)

  • Murad Al Hamdani

    I am a coverted muslim Alhamdulillah! I am not here to challenge Dr. Qadri’s knowledge about Islam, but I made a very deep research on Islam and I studied a lot to convert, and I have never seen, read or heard anywhere in Quran or Sunnah, that the things Dr. Qadri is doing are justified in parameters of Islamic Society. He is creating a mob and then trying to justify it on behalf of his Islamic knowledge

    • Sonya Anjum Saba

      @Murad I respect your conversion and thankyou for your feedback!!

  • Naheed Kauser

    aaj har koi PPP ko bura kehta ha, kal jab Bibi ki katal kiya gaya tha tu yeahi awaam thi jis ne PPP ko vote diya, awaam ne jo boya wohi kata. Rahi baat Qadri Saheb ki tu woh Aalim he kia jo logon k liye khud misaal na ban sakay, khud aarsh pe duniya farsh pe, logon k liye iqlaab ki baat apni family udhar canada pe, khuda ki qualification nahi elections mein khara honey ki chaley supreme court ko constitution sheekhanay, had hoti ha jihaalat ki, itni jihalaat ko Nabi Pak (SAW) k daur main bhi nahi thi

  • Gstar

    I’m not into revoltions . But i have observerd how cowards like MQM and PTI all first united with Mimhaj Ul Quran and they dropped out of the whole thing …inthai ghalat baat hai . bahut sharam ki baat hai

  • Javed k

    Tahir Ul Qardi is a fake

  • Javed k


  • Reham Azmi

    TUQ has lost the battle .it is almost over now

  • Seema

    ya aik moqay hai pakiatan ko kurrpt politiecians say nizjaat hasil karnay ka zaradri ko ab chalay jana chaye hai is mulk say khuda kay liyay sab ki jaan chois do

  • Zahida Ramis

    requete to all muslima umma ka woh islamabad kay is ilaqay say chalay jaein kyou kay wahan pay ab bomb ka dhamaka ho ga a kyoun kay rahman malik abahi tv pay ya bol raha hai .khuda ka leay ab apna bachon ko laya ker sab ghar jain kyoun ke Maulan Tahir apna jihad jeet chukay hain

  • Nadeem Haider

    All this will end soon, TUQ might have some correct points but his execution was wrong. And if he was expecting any kind of collaboration from PTI or any other party, he should have visited Pakistan at least a year, should have taken them all into confidence and then would have set out for such a march. Things that happen too quickly always create more doubts and even if your cause is right, you loose people’s trust

  • Ayesha Khaliq

    couldn’t agree more sonya :)

  • Salma Shah

    his followers act like he is some kind of Pir and jahalaat at its peak when use Holy Verses of Quran for his political benefits

  • Rehan Faraz ul azama

    Today the deadline given by Maulan Sahib will end .

  • Farhan

    PTI and MQM have both been back stabbers to the revelotion. The opposition also has joined the corrupt parties against Tahir Ul Qadri because they still want to win seats in the elections. First they were all with the Maulana in his mission and now they have isolated themselves because of the fear that if Maulana becomes the Prime Minister he will not allow any corrupt party members to join the parliament .

  • Hadia

    Your 15 points , Imran khan’s 7 , PNL (N) 10 .Do you have all have anything better to do then just criticize the efforts of a learned man who has endlessly struggled to propogate Islam all over the world ?

  • Nabeel Ahmed

    Finally Qadri ne keh hi diya apni speech main “Mulk meray hawalay kardo main sub kuch thek kar doon ga” what a loser

  • http://twitter.com/mufaruk mufaruk

    All is well that ends well. Allah ka shukar karo koi khoon kharaba nahi hoowa… hum koi egypt or libya walon ki tarah bewaqoof thori hain…