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A Journey from Qadri’s LONG MARCH to Zardari’s Premiere League – Part 2


By Sonya Anjum Saba

As I mentioned a question in Part 1:
“Who got the maximum benefit out of it and who suffered the major loss?”
Whatever I write is my personal observation and anticipation with respect to what happened in the last one year. But I believe that its not only me… there are many who think like me…To me its PTI who suffered the max loss… and then Pml N to some extent. Let me share a few points that might lead to why I say so…
Remember PTI’s lahore jalsa?? before that every political party took Khan Sahab lightly but Lahore jalsa was a wake up call for all of them. Since then they were looking for a game to defame PTI… they played but couldn’t play well enough to carry away public’s opinion… mean while a lot of their own members were leaving their party and joining PTI because of its agenda and stance. As elections were coming near PTI’s growing popularity it was a threat… and they really had to do something..
Then PTI announced Waziristan Peace March… and got an amazing support from International participants as well… Other parties knew if Peace March participants came back unhurt and safe, it would a huge success and Khan Shab will win even the support of people in those areas… Then we heard news of an attack on Malala… a school girl who was apparently targeted by Talibaan… Yes the same Talibaan PTI wanted to conduct dialogues with… again trying to defame PTI’s Dialogue strategy taking cover of Malala incident.
When they saw that they couldn’t defame Imran Khan by manipulating Malala attack against him… then instead of looking for any weakness in PTI… they planned to manipulate and play with weakness of Public… once public is in your hand… you can disturb Imran Khan’s vote bank very easily…!! They needed a man who can not only hijack PTI’s agenda but executes it in such a way that public from his account shifts back to theirs…!! And they can smooth-en their way through elections again…!!
Why Qadri??? First of all he is a Molana and an Islamic Scholar… plus he supported Musharaf who ordered Lal Masjid Operation… So if he can join hands with Musharaf he can be friends with them and play well with public sentiments using religious background…!! And along with that they figured out other weaknesses like public frustration against; Corruption, Load Shedding, Unemployment etc. Well then Qadri came and hijacked PTI’s agenda… stole idea of Tsunami March and according to the plan kept provoking people to come via his speeches to join him…!! He kept swinging his statements along with calling IK, and with his controversial statements kept everyone confused even senior analysts about what is going on…
It was all framed… a 5 days game… He had to come with a bunch of his own people… and gave misleading statements to provoke common people to join him… accuse and challenge PPP as much as he can… keep people engaged on TV and twisting his own speeches faster than light so that people don’t get time to think and figure out whats going on… and at the climax of all this he made his so called victory exit by joining hands with PPP, MQM, ANP all the same and also disturbing young emotional minds from PTI’s account… and victims of religious exploitation…!!
He and his govt allies achieved what the wanted… so yes LONG MARCH was successful… but Pakistani people have been played again.. they have been fooled all over again…!! Look at where we stand today after this so called MILLION MARCH… Qadri (who is not even eligible for Elections will supervise implementation of constitutional articles and suggest name for the care taker PM) He was praising ZARDARI Sahab too in the end… and if you remember his speeches his opinion about him was 180 degrees different…!! And He thinks that he successfully took over Imran Khan’s 5 years genuine struggle within 5 days of a hoax he framed with govt’s support and backing…!!
But the positive aspect for PTI is that even the emotional youngsters now know one thing for sure… no matter how elite Qadri shab is as a scholar… but if a man shakes his hand with Zardari he loses credibility So they will realize that PTI’s stand back stance was correct. Then PTI got an idea that even in such pressurized circumstances their sincere members were with them… and trusted them… and last but not the least… no matter how evil people plan against someone… its said that
“Man Proposes, God Disposes ”
God and every thinking brain of Pakistan knows PTI’s genuine struggle and even if they were carried away by the LONG MARCH for a while… they realized the very moment when Qadri made his way in Zardari’s Premiere League that you were, are and will remain the best Imran Khan!!!

  • Khurram

    Dear blogger here it seems very obvious that you are on payroll of PTI’s social media wing .How much are they paying per blog by the way?

    • http://www.facebook.com/sonyaanjumsaba Sonya Anjum Saba

      They pay me the respect of being a voter, and the respect I deserve being an educated individual from Pakistan… and last but not the least they pay me the privilage of standing shoulder to shoulder with Imran Khan… which is definitely ain’t possible in a bullet proof container…!!!

  • Haroon Shah

    Asaalamoalakum . Neither do i live in Pakistan nor do i ve anything to do with the politics there. But i must say that TUQ has been promoted as a fake all over the Western world . I have personally never heard about him in UK but if he has any schools then his his students must know that he is an ordinary man who was trying to play Hitler with the Government of Pakistan. All said and done was absolutely wrong for the country and religion it follows .

  • Qazi Yamin Hussain

    Hello to Pakistan . Maulan Tahir Ul Qadri is a devout muslim and his numerous publications on religion are a testament to his brilliance as a scholar and teacher . His efforts to make a corrouption free nation should be applauded and not ridiculed ! I’m disappointed to read this blog on a portal that is run by the so called liberal youth of Pakistan .

  • Reema

    Sonya kya aap loggon nay Maulan Sahin ki beizatti ka baira uthah howa hai ? Kitni ghalat baat hai kay aik azeem scholar jo iss mulk ke leeaye itna acha kaam kar raha hai aap uss ko Imran khan jaise insaan se compare ker rahay hain . Imran khan Pakistan ka Taliban khan hai . Lakin Tahir ul Qadri duniya bhar ka aik azeem shaqs hai . Remma

  • Saleem K

    TUQ is a fake

  • Hamid JUI

    march mein kuch hazar log thay lakoon nahi