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“A Journey from Qadri’s LONG MARCH to Zardari’s Premiere League – Part1″


By Sonya Anjum Saba

Today Sheikh Waqas Akram on Ary in Kashif Abbasi’s program said that we were always against “Election Commission” mean while in the 7star container Qadri + Govt Officials were having negotiations… Which makes me think daal main kuch kala nahi tha… puri ki puri daal pehlay din se he kaali thi…

Its history of politics that in Pakistan politicians play and play with public sentiments so much that they can even twist and turn them the way they want; at the start of Dec’2012 out of no where TV ads came up on every news channels that “Jag Utha ha Sara Watan” Qadri aa raha ha etc… Then when Qadri lands in Pakistan… he got the hi profile security provided by (PPP Govt)… then every man who went to discuss his long march plan from Ch Shujaat to Rehman Malik were who??… (PPP Govt officials)… Then his jalsa in lahore was a formal announcement of stolen PTI agenda… and announcement of “LONG MARCH” instead of PTI’s Tsunami March…

And what an amazing LONG MARCH was that… which was not only facilitated by Rehman Malik but also gave them full liberty to hijack the capital city for 5 days. No one can enter Pakistan in Qadri Style and conduct + prolong dharna in Islamabad like this without govt’s support. From the day one he was changing statements, challenging corrupt govt officials, giving deadlines and ultimatums etc (apparently against GOVERNMENT but was all FRAMED in the back end = The more hatred he showed against govt , more prone to attract people and confuse PTI and Pml N as well)

He waited the 1st day for more crowd to join in… but attracting Imran Khan and PTI was his top most priority… because he wanted to trap him in the double game… His motives were that once Imran comes with Tsunami March, I will direct my followers to break the law by initiating clashes with police and then trying to break into the parliament house and all the blame will be on PTI for breaking the law and IK will be charged with allegations for provoking people to disturb country’s peace and treason etc (as Molana Sheikh of Islam’s followers rather say mureeds stop using brain when he orders them something, its a final thing for his followers, and they are even willing to die)

Now what I assume on the basis of his “LONG MARCH DECLARATION” the place that was “KARBALA” till yesterday was a dance floor today (I can’t forget the way Minhaj Ul Quran girls were dancing – Courtesy ARY LIVE) and further more, the ones who were YAZEED’s till yesterday were CONTRIBUTORS and SUPPORTERS of Qadri’s LONG MARCH TODAY… Remember the 1st speech of Qadri in crystal clear words he said that I demand reformation of Election Commission it is my prior point, then implementation of article # 62, 63 and 234, he also said that care taker govt should be neutral… Other statements were changing with every passing day… but his these three points remained the same… now what happened after the declaration was signed; Election Commission can’t be reformed due to some constitutional complications; 2ndly articles 62,63 and 234 will be implemented (don’t u remember Qadri himself said that everyone make amendments in the constitution, but I am here to make sure that they implement them as well, which leaves me concerned that a man who is not even eligible for Elections will now supervise the implementation of these articles) lastly the point of neutral care taker govt was sorted with a solution that Molana Qadri will suggest the name for care taker PRIME MINISTER… So it ended up in a way that now Molana Qadri is also part of the premiere league…

This 3D movie “MILLION LONG MARCH” presented for Pakistani Public’s fooltertainment, Produced by PPP, Directed by Rehman Malik, Leading Characters Molana Qadri, and Supporting Role Minhaj ul Quran students, employees and mureeds, with a special thanks to PTI haters, young and abrupt emotional fools, and victims of religious exploitation, left every thinking brain with a very serious question:

“Who got the maximum benefit out of it and who suffered the major loss?”

  • Sarah Kareem

    Very interesting article Sonya, I think these things were in everybody’s mind, but you presented them in a very clear way, I hope people share it too, as I will definitely with friends :)

  • Ali

    The biggest topi drama in pakistans history

  • disqus_eSEyjZn8TM

    Ajab teri siyassat, Ajab tera nizaam
    Hussain (R.A) se bhi marasim, Yazeed ko bhi Salam

  • Arsalan

    just like talat hussain said people are fooled again :(

  • Muneeza

    So this was TuQs inqalab that ended in a deal,stupids

  • Rizwan Ali

    I read your points and your last post here.
    Dear Sonya Anjum Saba, You are helpless in hatred of Dr. Qadri. So You made each and every point negatively and very negatively.
    Never ever in someones hatred make your opinion that what you did.

    • Muhammad Tilal

      TQ deserves this hatred and bitter scolding! People like you make TQ feel as if he is a perfect saint and savior of the nation. Still supporting TQ! U really deserve that people like TQ should rule you!

  • Farhan

    He came to call others corrupt and ended up in doing the same = Muk Muka

  • Talibaan Khan

    Kash koi bomb is container per gira deta!!!!! Kitna sakoon may hota

  • Syed k. Abbas

    sab drama hai bhaiyooon

  • Haris Aleem

    So preplanned drama ended in MAZAQ RAAT

  • Hafeez Khan

    mujjy samaj nai aati awam ki jo in jesy lotaero ka sath dethi he

  • Muhammad Nafees

    Bari Bari Batain Kartay Thay haan haan haan ho ho ho
    nikal gai na sari hawa

  • Beenish Mazhar

    Actually the reality is that this TUQ Long March and dharna was a trap to get IMRAN KHAN involved in it and then through media and courts they all stand united against him and diffused his power and energy before elections . A smartly knit plan (role of Zardari , Altaf, Chauhdrys and Shareefs who let this march through Lahore to Islamabad safely)…. But very well played IK & his team who came out of it with flying colours despite extreme pressure from inside and outside…. Thanks to ALLAH that IMRAN KHAN didnt join this TUQ Long March and Dharna ( Drama ) .

  • Soulat Pasha

    کیسی انوکھی داستان سب کو سنا گیا
    اک شخص سارے شہر کو ماموں بنا گیا
    kaisi nayee kahanian dekho suna gaya
    ik shakhs tamam shehr ko mamoon bana gaya

  • Hamid

    I seriously feel sorry for the participants of long march, they have been betrayed and most are not even aware of that

  • Farhan

    The saddest part of the whole deal was when positive parties like PTI and MQM backed out of helping TUQ.

  • Zehra Jamal

    Dear all , msg ye that iss march ka kay awam ko bataya jai kay hukumran corrupt hain aur agar mazeed un kay saath agay chalna hai tu mulk mein tabai kay ilawa kuch aur bhi nahi . Pakistan ka khud he Hafiz .

  • Saeed Jamal

    I cant comment more after reading this blog. It may have been all predecided but why would Zardari get involved with dirty PTI?PPP is much bigger than all the parties in Pakistan and it will win the upcoming elections for sure . Khuda Hafiz

  • Ahmed Rind

    Hi .Is this a PTI support forum here? Why is everybody trying to put down the biggest symbol of our religion in the western world . Are we forgetting the fact that Maulana Sahib has authoured over 100 books on religion and has helped millions of wayward youth find peace and tranquity in religion. He is our religious here whereas Imran Khan is just a player .Altaf Hussain is that one leader who is scared to be back .who needs such people anyways . 786 Maulan Tahir Ul Qadri

    • Muhammad Tilal

      Authoring 100 books doesn’t guarantee of piousness of TQ. He might be knowledgeable but not wise. You are forgetting millions who are being mislead and stabbed in their backs through this drama. An please let me know that all the problems including load shedding, poverty and illiteracy is abolished by TQ.

  • Hawk eye

    Rahman Malick , Qamar Zama and Maqdoom are all liars . The deceived not only the greater scholar but also themselves. Watch how the ruin Pakistan in the coming days .Pray for Pakistan not curse the people trying to help .

  • Asad

    Biased blog

    • Muhammad Tilal

      Yes and the only unbiased person is TQ! Please have guts to admit that TQ was a drama.

  • Asif Bukhari

    A very good article, I totally agree, its Allah who saved Imran Khan from fallin into this trap, see today all corrupt people are at one side and he along at the other, and the one and only Qadri who use to say I will do this, I will do that, is also hanging out with the same corrupt lot of Politicians

  • Noshaba

    TuQ is a liar and hyprocite, he misused reilgion too, people shouldn’t get fooled by him anymore

  • Rehan Azam

    شور تھا جس کا بہت. . . وہ انقلاب آیا نہیں
    پختگی دیکھو انہیں پھر بھی حجاب آیا نہیں