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Afghanistan’s First Female Rapper*Feroz*


By Miss’T’

Susan Feroz is laden with angst . To vent she finds Rap music as her punching bag of choice  and makes a song. Next thing her song becomes a hit .The rest is history.

Feroz born in Afghanistan, raised in Iran finds her lingua franca ,Persian an easy tool to convey her inner feelings. That’s right .She sings to rebel  and was launched by Farid Rastagar ,top notch music producer in Afghanistan . She wanted to attend a med school and become a doctor but her inability to speak Pushtoon put a damper on her dreams. She yelled ,”I would sing” .In 18 months she had done music , films, soaps and what not ?Let’s not forget to mention  that her distant family disowned her and zillions of threats shook her but not enough to call it quits. “All  of this is a part and parcel of what I want to do” she smiles fixing her baseball cap over her thick black mane!


Feroz began to rap about a year ago to communicate the feelings of sufferings for her family and other Afghanis during her exile in Iran and Pk .The rhymes she produced were about migration, leaving home  and hardships that followed in her first recording, “Our Neighbors,” . The song quickly became a viral hit.But at the same time controversial too ! Iranians took it as a insult and her own home bred conservative Afghans  detested the idea of a single girl getting into a taboo filed ie music !—Yet still the song launched her into  the limelight which astounded many aspiring young female singers in her native country.

Susan’s latest track Naqis-ul-Aqal is out and making waves all over the world.. The song is about oppressed status of women in her society . It is about female liberation. It is about everything that puts the women down  and Susan Feroz is pinning high hopes on departure of US troops from her soil in 2014.She thinks she will breath freedom once US arms depart and drones stop!

She is optimistic that her Afghan land will see freedom and once again all will be able to live in a free democratic country.In the meanwhile she will continue to sing her songs of freedom and girl power!

  • Sumiya

    wow . She is so cool . I want to listen to her Naqis Al aqal song . where can i find that.

  • Haroon Shah

    Is she Muslim .Susan naam muslmanoo ka nahi hota

  • Hamid

    The new breed of Afghan teenagers are into music , dance , drama. Susan Feroz is not the only one .There are now female and male rock bands also in Afghanistan .