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Change the entire system, How, When and Where?


By Umer Ali Khan

It is a time for change. It is a time to educate the youth of Pakistan. It’s a time to unite each other and make a superior Pakistan. How is it possible? Do you have any idea in your mind? We are listening from a change from everywhere but don’t have a critical solution. How? When? and from Where to start? We all are criticizing each other but not changing our self. All of us daily broken the rules and regulations and assuming that no one is seeing us. You can simply stand on any signal and just monitor that most of peoples are breaking the rules because they have just only one thing in their mind that the entire system is wrong so I also move in wrong direction then nothing happens.

I have seen a lot of discussions on different forums about the future of Pakistan. It has become quite a buzz, believe it or not. It is everywhere; Social Media, different forums, blogs, radio, TV talk shows, conferences, workshops and newspaper. The participants and the topics might not be the same but what is common, is that everybody seems deeply concerned about the current sorry state of affairs in the country and wants to see a change- a better Pakistan. This awakening among the politically sensitized youth as to how to make the future of Pakistan bright must be seen as a welcome gesture.

We have gone up and down, sideward’s and backwards but neither parliamentary democracy nor military dictatorship have been able to find a lasting solution to the problems that afflict Pakistan. Frustration and despair is writ large on the face of the people. We stand on the edge of catastrophe. A new class, small in number, of capitalist barons is unabashedly plundering national wealth while the overwhelming majority of the people is without food, shelter and clothing.

Unemployment and underemployment, both in the countryside and among the educated classes mounts menacingly. Our people have been cheated and humiliated, their feelings have been ignored. They have suffered from a massive deception. Shall we call this the lost generation or the generation that was betrayed? I leave it to you to choose the epitaph. But what about the future? Are the children of this tormented generation also destined to remain in the same squalor and shame?

The youth of today is losing faith in the future. The dream of Pakistan was not to end in the agony of its people. It was an invigorating dream. This dream was to mature in a great new society for the benefit of the common weal.For you, my dear listeners, and for all those who have been the victim of the most inhuman exploitation known to contemporary times, this intolerable state of affairs has to be brought to an end. It is our moral duty to lift the people of Pakistan from the quagmire of poverty. Pakistan has all type of natural resources but these resources are not utilizing in a right manner. Govt. should urgently change the policies just for the betterment so youth will definitely support it. Snatching, target killing, suicide attacks, robberies are very common now a days. People of Pakistan are more afraid of these things and now they are getting use to it. Those who are in offices has a fear that will they return home safely after a hard day. Students have fear will they return to their sweet home safely after school, college or University. Everyone from a child to grown up carries this fear but I think now it’s a real time to change and changes start from our self.

There was a time in the history of Islam when the great Khalifa Hazrat Omar RA declared that if along the banks of the Euphrates should a dog die of starvation the Khalifa of Islam would be answerable to the Almighty Allah. Here in Pakistan—in the largest Islamic state—men and women die of starvation by the thousands. Our children sleep on the streets without shelter.

So, my dear friends, the foremost duty of the Pakistani people is to wipe out poverty from the face of Pakistan. The problems we face are gigantic but I am not overwhelmed. I have an unshakable faith in the people of my country. Pakistan possesses the potential of being one of the most important countries of Asia. It has inherited the strategic frontiers of the subcontinent. A Muslim country that will struggle for continuous Improvement throughout the system, help the poor & needy citizen and to produce educated leaders (heroes) that can give hundred percent accountability and responsibility. We don’t need leaders like Tahirul Qadri, Asif Zardari, Altaf Husain etc. We only need the sprit like Muhammad SAWS, Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal. Pakistan made against the sacrifice of our forefathers and the great heroes. Our talented youth can do anything towards betterment, when they make a car which will run from water, Little Arfa Karim the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional who invited by Microsoft Bill Gates to visit the headquarter in United States of America. The great nuclear scientist Mohsin-e-Pakistan, the one and only Abdul Qadeer Khan. Pakistan has ever produced in the history of Nuclear Science, Dr. Abdus Salam, the forgotten hero who became the first Pakistani to receive the Nobel prize and so many more etc. Great scholar said “If you can dream it, you can do it” simply means that if we think in a positive direction and work harder then obviously we are planning for the change. Nothing is perfect from the first day but everything will be better if we work with honesty. Changes should be start from our self rather than criticizing someone else. Yes I can do it and I am ready to change myself. If you also want to change then be ready because my beloved country urgently need to produce the people as like the above one. In sha Allah Pakistan will definitely change and all our problems will resolve soon because we have such a good people like you. Best of Luck for the future !!!!

  • Sadiq Rahman

    Dear Blogger . If the comparison , even by mistake , is between the current corrupt lot of Politicians and Holy Phrophets of Islam then it is incorrect even to mention it here !

  • Adil R

    I agree with the idea of collective efforts for a better country . This needs a lot of motivation and a lot of education. Unfortunately at this point in time we lack both .How could all unite on a single platform when the Muslims themselves are divided into so many sects. Then there are issues of secularism and ehtinicity .We as a nation have completely collapsed in attaining a single most wanted and intergral element of peace in our country .