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Lajawab loog -Ba Kamal Kaam



KARACHI- Islamabad-bound PIA flight, which took off from Karachi, landed at Lahore airport allegedly to drop the Captain’s daughter.


According to sources, the PIA flight PK-562 was on its way from Karachi to Islamabad when it was diverted to Lahore, allegedly, to drop off the daughter of PIA Captain Tariq Javed.He was himself in a pensive move flying the plane as if it was made out of paper and he was sitting on a sofa in his living room.


However the passengers ,after they protested, were told that the plane had to be landed in Lahore due to some technical problems.

Such technical problems are becoming very frequent with the airline in question. It’s entire fleet comprises of less than 30 airplanes,  insult to injury is that  many international airports in Europe have banned the’ Ba Kamal Service” from landing at it’s airports .There are countless security hazards these old  and dated planes carry with them

.Lajawab Loog is the apt ending line,PIA.