featured, GENERAL — February 23, 2013 at 2:54 pm

Mehreen is married!


By Aisha Waris

All i know is that she is 5,10. CEO of international fashion academy of Pakistan, brand ambassador for loreal, first Pakistani model to appear in a UAE based magazine and there’s more …wiki that !! The main point is, SHE IS MARRIEDDDDDD…! YAYYYY !…

She had her nikkah ceremony in lahore and has tied the knot with a businessman from lahore ,Ahmed Shaikh, who has two kids from his previous marriage..

The focus of her wedding and beginning of new arguments on facebook was her bridal dress..which was WHITE !.. So now, people are debating over and fighting over (i myself had one long virtual cat fight) why she chose white, she is a model she doesnt know that white isnt the color…blah blah blah…

It’s about time people should start understanding that even our religion doesnt allow to associate the events of life with colors. Where whatever color you feel like wearing…colors has got nothing to do with anything guysssss !!

And oh yeah this is her first wedding !! And i hope it stays that way :) :)

best wishes to the newly wed !!