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I like seeing woman in high heels


By Faiza Hai

Shoes of every make and style are loved by women across the globe but it is the heel, which increase the style whether stiletto or platform that is coveted, adored, desired in such abundance simply in and of the shoe itself. They’re everywhere. They run rampant in books, calendars, photographs, album and movie covers, dangling in miniature precious metal versions from earlobes and chains, women’s closets and even their living rooms, and let’s not forget their most important place of residence- women’s feet. They’re a constant obsession in pop culture, endlessly talked about and fetish zed in television, movies, song lyrics, and seem to be worn without fail by glamorous celebrities no matter the occasion.
1533 was the year that gave birth to the high heel that served no purpose other than beauty and vanity. Catherine de Medici’s, aged 15, and brought them with her from Florenceto the French court when she wed the Duke d’Orleans where they were eagerly embraced by Parisian noblewomen. Up until the 1700s, the five inch heel was most popular amongst European women. However, when the French monarchy fell, so did the height of shoes. From then on heels rose and fell depending on current fashions and politics. (O’Keefe, 74)
The high heel returned to dominate fashion in the middle of the 1900s and in 1988America’s first heel factory opened, allowing for easier access and availability. However, the 1950′s ushered in the era of the stiletto. O’Keefe says, “Of all the miracles of modern shoe technology, the stiletto may stand as the greatest.” (O’Keefe, 120) The architecture is such that a women’s weight is balanced on a heel the size of a pencil.
And today high heels are not only a fashion but it’s an essential part of your overall personality, looks and even a sex symbol. It’s not important that you wear heels important is that how well you carry them its not possible for every women to carry high heels.
Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex and the City says “You have to learn how to wear high heels shoes – it doesn’t happen overnight…’’
Before wearing heels one should learn how to walk with them and you can practice at your home in front of a mirror or friend but its better to do this before wearing them in a big occasion or in front of so many people because at times such things become the reason of embarrassment.
High heels do have some disadvantages related with the health of women but it also have so many advantages, In order to keep your balance in a pair of high heels, your posture must improve. The balance required to walk on the balls of your feet causes you to extend and curve the small of your back, improving your posture. In order to walk steadily, without wobbly legs which ultimately with throw off your step, your carriage while walking in heels must be straight and erect. This has multiple benefits, in spite of some of the downfalls of wearing heels.
High heels, depending on the specific height of the heel, arches the back and subsequently pushes the bust line forward and the posterior up and out. This effect not only allows for naturally improved posture, but also accentuates the female figure. It gives an elegant appeal to otherwise sagging postures. Simply by necessity, the posture improves.
Aside from physically forcing good posture in order to maintain balance, wearing heels creates a feeling of elongation and elegance for most women. This psychological effect causes women to feel more confident, thus giving them more reason to walk straight and tall, further improving their carriage and posture. Between the physical and psychological changes to a woman’s stance, otherwise slouchy postures can greatly benefit from shoes with a raised heel.
Balance and carriage are important to posture, although the proper stance is much easier to achieve while standing still. The true benefits of high heels on posture show their true colors as you walk. While walking, all the elements of balance, proper posture, and the psychological feeling of elegance and confidence come into play. A woman wearing heeled shoes feels more attractive and must hold herself correctly in order to walk, especially if her employment or daily activities require a lot of walking while in heels.
If you have never spent an active eight hour workday in a pair of two inch or taller high heels, you cannot possible imagine the physical endurance required. Your legs must be strong, your posture straight, and your balance perfect. Otherwise, you risk not only the embarrassment of a wobbly gait and potential stumbles or falls, but also the horrific experience of falling flat on your face in public. Maintaining proper posture while walking in heels is the primary defense against this embarrassing, and possibly injurious mishap. Posture plays a strong determining factor in maintaining balance and preventing twisted ankles, broken heels, slips, stumbles, and other less-than-elegant heeled missteps
So if you still not used to of wearing high heels start practicing for today as it will definitely give you a grace in your personality along with confident. Happy walking …

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