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Kashmir Day


Pakistan considers Kashmir as the core issue, between India and Pakistan, leading to three wars and devoting a major portion of their national incomes to defense budgets
Kashmir Solidarity Day has been observed on 5 February each year since 1990 in Pakistan as a day of protest against Indian control of part of Kashmir.

  • Hameed Khan

    KaSHmir is ours .It belongs to Pakistan

  • Kashmiri

    With due respect to PM Pakistan Raja Pervaiz Ashraf on his comment that it is is upto Kashmiris if the like to be a part of India or Pk . What does he mean by that ? Kashmir is Laaris for Pakistan ? Doesn’t Mr PM know of the atrocities on the innocent Kashmiris since the partition ? His sppech was like as if Kashmir is free to be a part of Pk or India or any other country as per it’s own desire . My question is that then why even have a Kashmir day and stand up for the rights of Kashmirs ? I’m totally infuriated with his comments .