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By Faiza Hai

What women love most are their branded cosmetics products and it’s almost impossible for them to throw away their favorite color lip-gloss and they keep continue using it for years and years without realizing that like many other products their cosmetics also have an expiry date.
All cosmetics have a shelf life and they need to be replaced according to their expiry dates. Otherwise these products may cause skin irritation, rashes and acne. Have you ever noticed that your mascara is clumpy now or your foundation is becoming thickening day by day?
It is difficult to know when to get rid of cosmetics because most don’t have an expiration date, and of course it is hard to chuck expensive cosmetics but not doing so can actually be dangerous for your health because bacteria could literally be growing full force in your old makeup containers. This can cause you pink eye or peri-oral dermatitis that might irritate the skin and become the cause of little red bumps that look like acne.
Experts say you should go by when you first opened the makeup. Eye make-ups and liquid foundations last the least amount of time and should be tossed out after just three months while face powders and foundations opened more than a year ago can also cause problems and should be chucked. Makeup applicators should be replaced regularly as well, it is suggested that you re-fresh these supplies once a week. Similarly you can use mascara for 3 to 4 months only because a mascara stab picks up bacteria from the eye area with each use. If you find your mascara gets dry before expiration date then toss it as soon as possible. All the cream or liquid based products like moisturizers; foundation, concealer, and cream blush last for 1 to 2 years. Always use these products with brushes and sponges to keep them clean for a longer time.
The shelf life of nail polish is very long that is 2 years. When you find your nail polish color has separated from the oil in the bottle then it is out of date and you need to toss it out. You should NOT share lipsticks, lip balms and lip glosses! They might have a strain of the herpes virus and give you cold sores. If makeup looks old or changes texture is it a good idea to throw it out. Experts even advise to smell your makeup; an unusual odor usually means that it contains bacteria.
If you do not know the expiration date and forget when you bought then toss the products when you get a very bad smell. Also when you get an infection on your face then at once toss out products that you have used. You should clean the makeup brushes, tweezers, eyelash regularly to rid of germs and other bacteria.
Hope it will help you out and next time you will be careful during purchasing and using your cosmetics products.

  • Sadia K

    There cosmetic thing has become a big scam in PK . Recently many factories were raided in karachi where substandard cosmetic products were being made in buckets and being labelled with international packaging . I was really scared to see that on tv .

  • Zaheen Qamar

    Dear Faiza thank you for the informative blog .

  • April

    Are there any special considerations to take into account when figuring out when uv color changing nail polish expires?