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Valentine day forever!


By Umer Ali Khan

February 14th, the day of red hearts and cupids. This day offers a wonderful chance to express or endorse their love.  I never understood why we only set aside one day per year to focus on one of the most important things in the world “LOVE” Seems to me everyday should be the day for expressing how much we love and care for others. Love can’t be measure in terms of sending cards, flowers to any one but it can be measure in terms of love and care you share among your loved one.


“Love does not make the world go around; it simply makes the ride worthwhile”.


What love means to you? Love means different things to different people but there are a lot of things about love that people can agree. This is not just a single day but feelings forever.


Why not every day should be Valentine’s Day! Because it is love that makes the world go round not money! You are here today because of love, not money! Think for a moment, take away love and you will find the world will be an empty shell lacking meaning and passion! The world has suffered great destruction because of power, ignorance and greed, and the antidote is love and wisdom!


The biggest offenders are the music channels catering to the youth of Pakistan, with their countless live shows, ticker tape for dedications and stupid love songs. Last year, I had to turn off my TV because I was sick of reading silly dedications on the ticker tape running at the bottom of the screen. Lines like “you complete me” or “life is nothing without you” are unoriginal.


Valentine’s day was probably invented by greeting card companies who needed an excuse for people to spend money on stuffed toys, cards, chocolates and balloons. Instead of going all out and buying foolish presents on just this day, a better idea to keep each other happy would be to do something special.

So, don’t celebrate just Valentine’s Day. Make every day special through thoughtful gestures instead of wasting time and money on cheesy gifts.


A day that can produce feelings of overwhelming loneliness and grief only for those people who restricted their life to express the feelings and emotions just limited to only single day.


If we approach the holiday as a celebration Valentine’s Day should be just another excuse to spread the love that Islam encourages. And this doesn’t mean that you need a significant other to celebrate love. . This day should not be restricted only to romantic love.

You can express your love to your family, send flowers to your friends, do something fun at your college/university or make a difference for your country.


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  • sadiq

    They Say Valentine’s day is haraam for muslims

  • Farhan Ullah

    Mohaabt baday kaam ki cheez hai

  • Hamid k

    Asa .It is good thimng that Valentine day is celebrated but there is no sense in giving roses ,chocolates gifts