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Young Doctors Hunger Strike


The young doctors continued hunger strike at a camp set up outside Services Hospital on second consecutive day Tuesday despite stormy weather. The young doctors, observing hunger strike on the call of Young Doctors Association (YDA), Punjab, spent their night in the camp. They were chanting slogans against the government for not fulfilling their demands of free treatment services for the patients in hospitals, implementation of service structure, and release of their colleagues arrested in Gujranwala incident and end to victimisation by withdrawal of terminations, suspensions and transfers of young doctors.


The condition of some doctors deteriorated, who were provided treatment in emergency ward of Services Hospital. They included Dr Usman Dar, Dr Ahmad Badr, Dr Sajid, Dr Ahmad Rai and Dr Usman Lalika. Besides, the drips were also injected to several doctors in the camp. Besides, delegations of Insaf Students Federation (ISF), Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI), Women Wing, and Pakistan Trade Union also visited the hunger strike camp of young doctors and expressed solidarity with them.

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  • Yazdani

    If the government does’nt release the innocent doctors then the hunger strike will continue

  • Dr Inam Khan

    Hello . The probl;em with doctors , young or seniors have been going on for many years. The killing of Shia doctors. The funds for para medics, lack of medical equipment and medicines and the low salaries . The Khadim e aala Punjab has all the funds in the world to distribute laptops to students who probably don’t even need them yet the educated practising doctors are being deprived of their due rights. YDA is not going to end it’s strike and if anything untoward happens to any of the doctors staging it then government will be held accountable for it .

  • Dr Samina Ahmed

    This seems like another case of corruption and neglect by the current government . If they cannot give this noble profession and its practising doctors due rights then it would be better that this government resigns before the elections.

  • Ashfaq Kharal

    It is not as if these young doctors are demanding a raise in their salaries . All what they are saying is to provide free medicines for poor patients . Fix the hospital machines and release funds for their repair instead of building up the roads to Raiwind which has already consumed more than 7 billion rupees.

  • Saleem Khan

    Hello – last night i saw the demands of the doctors on hunger strike on tv channels. They are legit and there is no reason why government shouldn’t accept them