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Why Women’s Day?

By Faiza Hai Happy Women’s Day!!! I still wondering that why people celebrate this day because I received many greetings this year as well on 8th March like every year. Don’t take me wrong I by myself is a woman and a great supporter of feminism but still every year I find it strange when the whole world celebrate “Women’s Day”. To […]

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Risk Assessments in Data Storage

By  Laila Rehman I attended a guest lecture last year where Sarfaraz Rehman [CEO of Dawood Foundation] shared his views on the internet generation & the importance the place on “staying connected” at all times. The quote is paraphrased and does not represent his exact phrasing: “Life does not exist on the internet. It’s out here, in the real world. […]

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Network Marketing

By Aarash Syed Network marketing entails marketing to customers and firms through interpersonal and inter-organizational relationships between firms within an industry or across a market sector, where the parties involved are active and participative. Network-based marketing employs a range of marketing techniques by leveraging existing links between consumers and firms to raise sales revenue and product awareness. The term network-based […]

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A Night of Cheers &Tears in Karachi

By Aisha Waris Recent blasts in Abbas Town which targeted shia community once again not only was the cause of fear for the karachiites but due to those blasts people (including me) started criticizing  SharmilaFarooqi because , the night of the blast, little miss political celeb was getting engaged at Mohatta palace with all the security deployed at the venue. […]

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Marriage of MSN and Skype

By Umer Ali Khan Skype sets a new trend to promote business! and Microsoft biggest business deal forever…. “Marriage of MSN and Skype” a new heaven. All of you are well aware of MSN Messenger i.e Windows Live Messenger. If I say MSN has ruled the entire world for every age group and specially the youth then it is absolutely […]

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