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A Night of Cheers &Tears in Karachi


By Aisha Waris

Recent blasts in Abbas Town which targeted shia community once again not only was the cause of fear for the karachiites but due to those blasts people (including me) started criticizing  SharmilaFarooqi because , the night of the blast, little miss political celeb was getting engaged at Mohatta palace with all the security deployed at the venue. WOW FACTOR??? Let me make it more wow by saying that there was no security at the place of the blast.

Whole night people were debating, arguing, abusing, catfighting over why couldn’t the bachelorette cancel her event just for the sake of the people who lost their loved ones. How can you being related to Government enjoy your happiness when there are hundreds injured and the death rate increasing every half an hour?? To be honest  Madam, we really don’t care  , if you get married or not get married, YOU ARE LIVING ON OUR TAXES , IF YOU CANT BE THERE FOR US THEN MAY BE ITS TIME FOR YOU TO BE OUT OF THE RULING CLASS. Dont’ you always proudly claim on tv  that you have been in jail  and your daddy has also served time over Steel Mills scandal ?I have heard you say that on many TV channels . But who would be your own spokes person this time when millions are mourning the tragic loss of lives in Karachi ? Because if then it was without any incrimination , as the claim is then this time it was .

While  heavily secured event/ dinner continued till the early hours in the morning, nothing was heard from her over the calamity that had hit karachi…Wait! wait a sec ! They continued it till the early hours?? Seriously??? So any of the “aam awaam” gets married, for them the rule (12 bajay hall bundh, nae tou dulha bundh) applies, and as for the Queen bee, HEY! WHAT RULES??

So, the next day, she thought of giving the clarification. Which isn’t exactly clarification, I would call it, the nerve to act not very civil   Coming back to the point, a news site reported that she tweeted:
“Abbas town is in District Central and Mohatta in District South Khi. They have separate DIGs to SSPs to SHOs”
She responded to all the criticism and queries (in a very shabby fashion I must say). She tweeted:
“Oh 32000 police personnel were protecting 400 guests? Find a better excuse to bash me!”
“Ok! So the blast was my fault and the unfortunate casualties were because Clifton Police was around Mohatta…If it soothes the haters keep abusing”
She also clarified that the event was only a dinner, and not the engagement ceremony.
“And one final clarification. My engagement was on 24th Feb at my house. Yesterday was a dinner. Simple.”

Aah ! the guts …. The attitude… and the thing to justify a wrong … not a hint of remorse  for all the loss of lives …bad shame-eela bad !

One thing that caught my attention was , *ooh la-la dinner and that too at the Mohatta palace* (which we all mistook as her engagement). Good with changing plots  you are, aren’t you?? Firstly mademoiselle, we don’t believe you. You can a spin a yarn. For most of the others in the are a part of this game. This could be your engagement but to protect yourself from people like me for instance asking you, how come bara bajay wala rule doesn’t apply for you , you could have faked it for awaam and media as your dinner thingy. Secondly, isn’t it against law to arrange parties in museums and places of the sort??? Could i be answered reasonably for my querey ?
In my humble opinion  most of the current lot of Politicians  doesn’t stand anywhere in the public eye !! i don’t know much about politics but I do know  from the youth of today around me that how much do they respect the  politicians of Pakistan .Not much ! Gauge it by any yard stick and the result will be in minus. How you attended a conference related to entrepreneurship society and none of the students noticed you or even greeted you, was our way of expressing how we feel .Embittered!

Rumours have it about that…an event management company, refused to organize the  event….and we all know when we approach An EMC we do inform them of the dates and days our events are supposed to be on….so i am sure that company knew the dates as they wrote in their status yesterday that we are thankful to ALLAH that we  backed out of putting it up. The sadness struck karachi at the same time.
P.s : Even if it was her engagement, and the picture from the event in which she is clad in black then allow me to say,  that the dress was not right for the occasion as our tradional PK girls would like it to be … looking like a guest on your own engagement is a starange misfit . Seriously? By inviting Rahat Fateh Ali and requested him to sing *tenu samjhaawan ki* THRICE..must have been very mesmerising  for those in attendance . But for Karachi , Pakistan it was a night full of sobs , tears  and agony !


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Xavi-Nadeem/530690477 Xavi Nadeem

    To the author

    Wow this article is so wrong on so many accounts. I knw by bashing politician you do kinda get famous as this is the norm in our society but to be honest madame i think here you are just insulting Sharmilla farooqui on all the wrong things. I am not pro ppp actually u can say i hate them as much as you do but these politicians are human too and they have the right to enjoy their weddings , specially one of their own so kindly before insulting anyone this personally think before u say anything. Yes i am angry on the events that took place at that night and i do blame PPP for all of this but this is no way nor language to insult anyone. I would like to make a valid point i am sure we all have attended parties while there were some casualties at karachi or in Pakistan cus this happens almost daily.One cannot simply stop living and as per sharmilla farooqui i do understand that she should obey the rule of 12 aswell and here she is completely wrong but dnt u think all of us do misuse our powers lil bit and it was duty of those police officers to protect the vips as well as general public so if there was security dnt blame Sharmilla. One final question will u cancel ur marriage for other then security concerns for anything u wont no one does. So Stop writing articles like this for cheap publicity

  • Fatima

    There is nothing wrong that she has done . Has she ?

  • Ghufran Syed

    Dear Fatima . But there is nothing right that PPP has done . No one came to see what happened in Abbas town that night ? Was that the right and ethical thing to do ?

  • Hammed Ali

    No PPP no MQM , no rangers , police or army . The devastated people are till today digging under the rubble on their own . Some politicians did come to check and make promises . They just wanted votes . Nothing else !

  • Saleem Arien

    Her agitated tweets are fine . She was pushed to do that .

  • Sarmad Khan

    I’m extremely sad to learn about this in London UK . I have been following up on the mishap via Tv Channels and blogs. What i saw on Hamid Mir show Capital Talk made my heart bleed . There were kids , he showed who died . There were old people crying and one gentleman who lost his wife and 3 yr old . Made me really sad. Whoever did it is not human . Doesn’t deserve being called a human being !

  • Zakir Hussain

    kitnay ziada afssos ki baat hai ke ab itnay din baad bhi police aur government nay Abbas Town kay Shuhade ke leeaye kuch bhi nahi kia . Kitnay zalim hain ye loog . aur ab vote mangnay ajaein gai .

  • Saman Rizvi

    Good Blog and good facts Aisha Waris .

  • http://insaf.pk/ Atta ur rahman

    A wonderful writeup and a good eye opener will facts ..
    and yes, sad but this is true face of are representatives ….ruling political elite ..

  • http://www.enews.pk/ News

    she is beautiful and my favorite also.