featured, GENERAL — March 20, 2013 at 12:43 pm

Why Women’s Day?


By Faiza Hai

Happy Women’s Day!!!
I still wondering that why people celebrate this day because I received many greetings this year as well on 8th March like every year. Don’t take me wrong I by myself is a woman and a great supporter of feminism but still every year I find it strange when the whole world celebrate “Women’s Day”. To be very honest I will feel really happy if someone wish me Happy Living Being’s Day rather than saying hey happy women’s day. God has created all human beings with positive and negative aspects nobody in this world is perfect, then why we have devoted one day to salute women?
To me wishing Women’s Day sounds more like ‘Physically Disabled’s Day‘ or ‘World Aids Day’, do we really need to remind the people about our existence ? Seems like the world belongs to men and some aliens and women need to tell them about their existence. There are so many women who exploit the privileges given to them because of their gender, face the reality like men, in this world genuine fantastic women are also rare.
Secondly how can we debate and challenge the nature by saying that men and women are equal? They are not because Men and women are built differently. Physically, mentally and emotionally. Nature meant them both to depend on each other, and turn weaknesses into strengths. It is proven In every research that they were meant to combine, so that each will complement the other and grow together into something they both never were.