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Chambaili: ‘Fragrance of Freedom’ pervades Pakistan

Chambaili’ is remarkably a different movie as the new generation has stunned the viewers through their splendid work and acting. Such films are rarely produced which make people think about their own country. Its story, acting and music are really praiseworthy.   These views were expressed by several film viewers after watching this movie. By watching this movie the fragrance […]

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To Bindi or Not to Bindi

Selena Gomez has captured well  a Middle Eastern feel in her song, ‘Come & Get It,’ but many feel that she overdosed  her act during her appearance at an awards show by adorning an Indian Bindi on her forehead .That was just an embellishment for the singer in question but critics opined that Bindi is a religious symbol worn by […]

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 Death anniversary of former prime minister and founding chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto is being observed across Pakistan.   Fateha and Quran Khuwanis as well as different ceremonies would be held to mark the day.   PPP leaders and workers would lay floral wraths and offer fateha on Bhotto’s grave in Garhi Khuda Bux in Larkana. […]

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World Autism Awareness Day 2013

“This international attention is essential to address stigma, lack of awareness and inadequate support structures. Now is the time to work for a more inclusive society, highlight the talents of affected people and ensure opportunities for them to realize their potential. ” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Message for the World Autism Awareness Day 2013

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