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Mama Tried to Raise a Lady

By Irma Ikram My mom tells me her pregnancy with me was difficult. Apparently I had a kick boxing style that wouldn’t let her sleep at night, a picky pallet that wouldn’t let her eat a morsel, and a fashion sense that made her give up all her nice clothes. And for nine months when the humble abode of my […]

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Are People no Better than Boxes?

By Irma Ikram I went to Dolmen City one fine Friday afternoon for lunch, and it was to my great misfortune that I saw people who resembled boxes; everywhere I looked all I saw was hundreds and hundreds of boxes in the form of humans. Now a box in its quite literal term refers to a four wall container with […]

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Confessions of a Confused Pallet

By Irma Ikram Karachi:” I lost almost 20 kgs for my wedding and I had to literally forced and beg Naseer to lose 5 kgs…I wasn’t about to let all that hard work go to waste” Says Dr. Sara Naseer, laughing fondly at her memories of her Mendhi Ceremony which had taken place a few years ago. She is referring […]

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NA-250 Drag My Vote but you Can’t Drag My Spirit

By Irma Ikram It took me six hours to cast my vote. My polling station was NA-250 DCW Phase 8, it had become rather apparent over time that the postponing of the votes had been deliberate. The master plan apparently was that if the votes were delayed then people would give up and go home. The thought of posh aunties […]

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“An Amazing Aspect Of Karachi- Sea View

By Samra Saleem Whenever I visit Sea-View or just pass along, the sea always seems a layer of flat and clear silver melting underneath a hazy blue sky. Many find it the most peaceful place in Karachi. Those tired of the noise and chaos in the city, run to Sea-View for their peace of mind. Many bunking college and university […]

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