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“An Amazing Aspect Of Karachi- Sea View


By Samra Saleem

Whenever I visit Sea-View or just pass along, the sea always seems a layer of flat and clear silver melting underneath a hazy blue sky. Many find it the most peaceful place in Karachi. Those tired of the noise and chaos in the city, run to Sea-View for their peace of mind.
Many bunking college and university had come to the sea with friends for fun, along with cameras. While many people arrive with their families in rented Suzuki for picnic and leave the beach littered. Other visitors desire a clean beach.
A couple sitting close to each other on the bench, having snacks, share a romantic moment. Usually girls put on veil to avoid being caught with their lovers. Boys in fitted jeans, and trendy shirts, wearing chains on neck, sit closer to their girls hand in hands.
There are also people who come daily to the sea along with their camels, horses, food stalls, motor bikes and other stuff for the entertainment of people. A poor man, who leaves his house at 10 in the morning, holding the rope of his camel, comes to beach daily, works all day in the hot sunny days and, in winters, cold chilly days and leaves for home at 10 at night. On Sundays he might stay till mid-night because of crowd and chances of earning more. His earning depends on the amount of people visiting sea and riding his animal. One day he might earn very less and the other day he might earn loads.
There were attempts made by the authorities to setup expensive eatable stalls, like Pizza Hut and KFC. But these stalls were not able to survive in this place; as this place is known to be for low cost entertainment. Many belong to lower middle class that face affordability issues.
Authorities must setup a cleaning program for the beach instead of setting up expensive food stalls. The workers at the sea also complain that the lights go off during the nights and this has affected their earnings from the past few months.
All in all, the Karachi beach is and will always be an attraction for the young and the old; for the poor and the rich. It doesn’t cost anyone to walk along the beach and have some peaceful time to himself, or enjoy in the wild waves, soak up to the full.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aliza.lizu Aliza Angelica

    Amazing read ! Welldone Samra :*

  • http://twitter.com/Intelligent_M Maham Akhlaq

    Very well written.. wonderful ! :) It made me miss Karachi and seaview even more.

  • http://www.earnmovies.com/ jawadjee7

    yes he is the only peaceful place in Karachi. well written. http://www.earnmovies.com/