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A Tribute To Samuel Schwartz


 By  Chester Williams
Samuel Schwartz was born in Madras (Chennai) India in the year 1915.   He came to Karachi at a very young age.   He completed his schooling from St. Patrick’s High School and graduated from D.J. Science College.
He owned a shop by the name of Schwartz Radio Service situated in Regal opp St. Andrew’s Church.   He was known for repairing electronic appliances such as the radio, television, tape recorders, amplifiers, etc.   His devotion to his profession made him the 1st person in Karachi to invent the amplifier.    As a result, many musicians such as AlamgirMohmmad Ali Sheiki, the Xavier Sisters and most of the band boys from the Christian community would visit his shop for the amplifiers and the echo system.
Musicians like Peter Felix once mentioned in an interview that Samuel Schwartz looked like Einstein, Norman D’Souza went on to say he was a genius of a technician and always willing to repair amplifiers for free for musicians who couldn’t afford to pay.   Rodney Judd mentioned an instance where once the band was playing in the open at the Village and it suddenly poured and the amplifiers stopped functioning.   It was Samuel Schwartz who was present at that moment told the band boys not to worry I will give you new amplifiers and there and then within an hour he switched valves using his technique giving them new amplifiers.
Samuel Schwartz came up with a dish receiver that could trap waves enabling hotels in those days to enjoy watching their favorite shows on TV.
In the 60’s every year an excursion train would leave Karachi and visit many cities of Pakistan.   Samuel Schwartz would be called to install music systems in the whole train and the famous song “Aoo Bachon Sehar Karain Tum Ko Pakistan Ki” was played when the train would depart from the platform.
The pipe organ in St. Andrew’s Church and The Trinity Cathedral was repaired by him, a task which could not be accomplished by others.
In the later years, Samuel Schwartz associated himself with the Celluko Industries for the maintenance and repairing of machines.
Samuel Schwartz was very dedicated to his profession and was a very loving and a caring person.   He was a self-made man who departed from this world on April 18th, 2002.
May his soul rest in peace.
  Courtesy © Legendary Musicians of Karachi
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  • Robin Panjwaneey

    People like him are always remembered with praises even after they have passed away, RIP Schwartz.

  • Eric Dsilva

    Nice to see a picture of Schwartz, “Sam” as I called him after this long. I remember going to his house on a Sunday morning in desperation of fixing an amp that blew out Saturday night. He got dressed, opened his shop, fixed me a replacement. I can still picture him with that unique laughter he had, jokingly saying “You Boys won’t let me rest on a Sunday either”. He has undoubtedly played a major role in my life from the very start of my musical career in Karachi. God Bless him and may his soul RIP.

  • Ralph D’Aranjo

    Uncle Schwartz was the main source of power that sparked all musicians to become stars today God bless uncle Schwartz.

  • Spittaman Petigara

    ‎…brilliant in his work n a gentleman

  • Ron Pinto

    I heard that this Generous Gentleman was as nice & helpful to the musicians way before me ……………. God Bless him always !!!

  • Kevin Mendonca

    Yes Uncle Schwartz was a true gentleman, I can never remember a moment I ever saw his angry or annoyed, always laughing, smiling and never said no, I remember taking my old HMV gramaphone amplifier and speaker and he modified it so I could use if for my electric guitar, it was priceless cause we could not afford a Yamaha, or Fender amp in those days, Gob Bless him and a big thank you Chester Williams

  • Keith Muffty

    Uncle Schwartz, a great man and a friend to all us musicians who grew up in Karachi, he will always be remembered.

  • Iqbal Kamdar

    He was well mannered, very honest, cooperative, hard working talented and god fearing person. Many times I hired the equipment from him. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Atiq Rehman

    Very well said he was a great and humble man always willing to help

  • Bosco D’souza

    Nice article, later on he moved to Blue Heaven and set up his shop there.

  • Vasco Rodrigues

    His last name Schwartz- I thought he was jewish and German- Thanks Chester for sharing this a brief history of your great grand Uncle.I am still wondering about his family name- were his ancestors from Germany and did they have jewish roots. In India there were lot of jews who migrated to Israel and some were in Karachi.- very interesting to have a family name like that

  • Michael Ali

    This man was a genius. He could repair just about anything. But one big problem…one had to visit him several times, like I did with my Uncle, to get him to repair your appliance…he was flooded with work.

  • Lynette Dias Gouveia

    Chester this is really what we were looking for. Thanks a bill!! Will upload on lmkonline and the fan page when I get back!! Excellent job!!

  • Terence Fernandes

    yeah he use to sell / rent out Amps his shop was in blue haven bldg :) )

  • Joseph Fernandes

    My local amp was made by this guy who used to work with uncle Schwartz, this guy’s shop used to be on Tariq Road i dont remember his name but when i came into the music scene and could not afford to buy a amp my local amp was made by this guy. He used to praise uncle Schwartz a lot.

  • Boniface Herbert

    So true Derek, without him thing would have been impossible…

  • Nino Frances

    Hey! Alan,you remember Salim & Naushad,they were always fixing our amps ha ha, even built us a p.a system,and a damn good one at that.

  • Alan Vanderlowen

    Salim/ Naushad n Feroz owners of Sardinia electronics great buddies of mine. They built my first Sound City amp. They were a big help 2 a lot of musicians. God bless all these people who helped us guys.

  • Kevin Mendonca

    Thats very true Uncle Schwartz/Sardinia were well know places to go to get help with Mics, Equipment fixes etc there was one place on Tariq Road behind or close to Cafe Liberty Ali Tim will know the name that was also a regular haunt for equipment guitar strings etc

  • Alan Vanderlowen

    i know i would not b a musician without his help. He would often let me borrow equipment for free!!

  • Terence Joseph

    His assistant still repairs the electronic item in the red building near dholi khata

  • Derek Clements

    Can someone put up pictures of Uncle Schwartz? He used to sell/rent all the amps to so many musicians without whom many a note would note have been played :)