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By Aruba Adil

Ashiqui 2 which was released on 26th April did a business of 24 crores within 4 days of its release, Directed by Mohit suri. The story opens up with Aditya Roy Kapoor as a dilapidated superstar who was not just reaping fame from his past sung songs but was also a roaring drunk, Rahul jaykar. One day he recognized a singing desire in a girl and helped her getting a break in an industry, Arohi shirke starring Shraddha Kapoor. Arohi started walking down the aisle of fame and success happening to kiss her feet while Rahul keep on drowning in his collapsed career and continued drinking. Arohi being the sincere lover tries to get him back to what he had lost through his love and attention.
It is a musical love story of two people, one at the peak of it and the other one reviving through it. The storyline didn’t brought anything new to the audience and had some loop holes that kept it from being a super hit as this movie did get into the list of good movies. Some weak points that I recognized are as follows:
The antagonist of the story Arohi was seen clumsy in delivering the intensity of the character. She turned out to be a beautiful face with dreary feelings. The chemistry between the couple didn’t live up to the title ‘Ashiqui’.
Then came the annoyance of Rahul jaykar towards his life and left audience with a question that what had brought him to this stage of life where he is wrecked and instead of facing the severe consequences, he is not doing anything to get to the bottom of it.
Moving on to the biggest criticism this movie has been encountering is that when it is compared with the previous Asiqui 1 of which it is claimed to be a sequel, it is said that this movie didn’t came up to the expectations of audience where the problem arises when you start encountering repetitive scenes which ultimately drags you to boredom.
Instead of all the criticism, this movie is gaining popularity gradually because of the response from the target audience which is youth and has secured a profit of  approximately Rs.13 crore in the opening weekend despite the fact that Hollywood venture, Iron Man 3, too came out on the same day and is giving a tough competition, say trade pundits.
Aditya Roy Kapoor is seen promising towards his character and puts charisma in Rahul jaykar’s character. He has been seen real and intense in his acting that kept the audience hooked to the movie till its end. The movie keep his audience dipped in to romance through the melodic music throughout the movie and most famous song Tum he ho which became viral among the audience even before its release.
In the end, it was a good sentimental movie and worth watching. You will not regret to watch it and it will keep you preoccupied for at least next 24 hours if you are a teenager then I can guarantee this.
I will rate this movie 7 on the scale of 10.