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Conquering The Fear


By Gulzar Nayani

I tightened my sweaty knuckles over the handles, eying from him to the ground, again and again going back and forth.  How do they even get to know that it is time to let go, opening up the cage and saying fly little birdy fly, Who Me? But I am not ready yet, I am not ready yet to let go, besides have u seen the world out there, what if I fall? Get slammed, walked upon? What if I break my leg, shatter my wings .No mommy daddy I don’t want to go and you can’t make me. Well here I was proved to be wrong .Actually they can, so here I was sitting on my very first two wheeler, been asked for taking it for its first ride.
Me :  But daddy I don’t wanna , I am scared.
Dad: there is nothing to be afraid of princess I am right by your side.
Me : What if I fall and hurt my self ?
Dad: You won’t if I would be holding on to you.
Me : Promise  you would not let go ?
Dad: I promise.
So I finally found the courage to push the paddles a little, it helped a lot seeing my dad over the shoulders, and what did you know I actually started to like it. I felt like a bird who had first time flattered its wings in the open air. I turned around to whiteness my dad’s proud face. But to my surprise he wasn’t there, he had let go of me. The distance that had now emerged between us felt like a distance of eternity.

How could he, didn’t his promise meant anything to him? He knew I was terrified, he knew I was scared. Still he left me all alone. He lied to me. I put my feet down to put the bicycle to a stop. Gave dad a long perplexed stare, I didn’t know what to say to him, so I tried to storm right out of the park. But he got a hold of me. Never then I was ready to take a ride on that bike ever again. I didn’t do so because I feared of falling. Fate and dad both tried to teach me a lesson that day but I guess I was not ready for it back then. But after all those years I tend to find wisdom in that un- finished bicycle lesson.

There are many times in life that we just want to run away and hide. Because we fear we would not be able to make it. We fear of humiliation, we fear being left alone in this world crowded with millions of people. The fear of failure can prove to be several time worst than the actual failure; it is what breaks you more over the time working like a slow poison. The only way to life is looking in its face and telling it I am not scared of you anymore and walk right over it. Conquer it and beat it. One can’t stop living; stop taking those wonderful chances that life unfolds just because they fear the unknown. To be alive we have to pronounce our fears to be dead first.