featured, POETRY — June 17, 2013 at 4:01 pm

Lesson Of Acceptance


By Gulzar Nayani 

Have u ever wondered why we are so apart?
Why there is so much hatred for each other in our hearts?
Why the land is drowning with tears?
Why our hearts are filled with so many fears?

The reason behind all this is that we have forgotten what once we were taught.
That all men are equal in the eyes of God.
He made us in different nations and tribes so that we can know each other.
These aren’t the sings of superiority these aren’t the signs of being better

Look at the nature and tell me what you see.
Nature also teaches us the lesson of diversity and acceptance don’t you agree
Look at the sun & moon rotating in their own axis.
Neither deviating their own paths nor disturbing one another
The glorious rainbow gleaming seven different rays of light .

Making our life colorful & bright.
Flowers, mountains, seasons & the sea.
All of them tell us the tales of harmony.
Yet Human eyes fail to recognize these signs & symbol.
They consider themselves intellectuals breaking the laws of nature.

A single human even has a diverse world hidden insight.
The Body, mind & Soul aren’t all alike.
Each has it different dimension.
But without any one of these human would not be consider alive.

We can’t erase the diversity.
God made us different; the difference is meant to be appreciated don’t you see.
It is a powerful force for good helping to fashion new sense of cooperation.
All accepting each other, keeping the differences aside working together .

This is an appeal from our side.
Stop fighting each other in the name of religion, race and rights.
Stop the wars, stop the battles stop the fights.
Cause you aren’t serving your Lord right.
Cause you aren’t serving your Lord right.